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Commissioners adopt final budget for 2013; amend 2012 budget

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Commissioners adopted the final budget for 2013 and adopted the amended budget for 2012.
At the special budget hearing, Patricia Ingram, county clerk/auditor, presented the proposed 2023 budget.
Present at the meeting were Rick Carlton, commissioner; Chad Winn, commission chairman; Ingram; Mike Seely, county administrator; Byron Woodland, commissioner elect; and DeEtte Worthington, county treasurer.
"We have met with each of the elected officials and department heads and have discussed their proposed budgets and have done the work needed to balance the budget," said Winn.
After the presentation of the proposed 2013 budget, and after the presentation of the proposed amendments to the 2012 budget, Winn asked for comments but none were given.
The special budget hearing was held on December 17 at 6 p.m. in the Juab County Commission Chambers.
"Juab County's budget is divided into 10 funds," said Ingram. "By far the largest fund is the general fund."
This fund is used to finance the general government of the county, public safety, parks and recreation, and economic development.
"For 2013, we anticipate the general fund will receive $6,848,431 in revenues and expend $6,848,431 in expenditures," she said.
The Class B Road Fund's expenses are anticipated to be $2,167,869 and revenues are anticipated to be $2,723,989.
"The road department anticipates dipping into the fund balance in 2013 for $443,881 to support expenses for this fund," said Ingram.
Fund 44 is the capital projects fund. By the end of 2013, the county anticipates a fund balance of $2,097,585.
Fund 45 is the special events Demolition Derby Fund, said Ingram.
"This fund will pay $10,000 for a bleacher payment and we anticipate receiving $61,952 in revenues," she said.
Fund 50 is the Risk Management Fund. In 2013, the county anticipates refunding $21,774 to state assessed property taxpayers. The money in this fund is not renewable unless the commissioners transfer money into this fund from another fund.
"Fund 51 is the Debt Service Fund," said Ingram. "This fund does not have money of its own. Money passes into this fund from other funds to pay for county building projects."
Fund 65 is the JRDA operating fund. The county anticipates receiving $201,113 in revenues and expending $213,427 for operating expenditures.
"That will require using $12,315 of the fund balance from Fund 65," Ingram said.
Fund 72 is the RS2477 Fund. Originally this money was a grant from the state. All of the money from the fund was used in 2012.
"Fund 73 is the landfill fund," said Ingram. "We anticipate receiving $310,249 in landfill fees. Any landfill debt service payments are paid out of this fund."
Fund 74 is the Convention Bureau Fund and the county anticipates total revenues of $94,500 and total expenditures of $94,500 in 2013.
In addition to presenting the anticipated budget for 2013, the county had to adopt amendments to the 2012 budget.
Those amendments were $318,231 for revenues and expenditures for the general fund; for the 11 fund, $389,541 for revenues and expenditures; for the 44 fund, $274,575 for revenues and expenditures; for the 45 fund, ($50,204) for revenues and expenditures; for the 73 fund, $17,676 for revenues and expenditures; for the 74 fund, $13,088 for expenditures and revenues.
Carlton moved to approve the resolution to amend the 2012 budget and adopt the 2013 budget and authorize Winn to sign the resolution.