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School board swears in members and makes assignments

SWEAR -IN • Left to right, Alicen Allred, Mary Nielson, and Dale Whitlock, were sworn-in by Darin Clark, business administrator at the January School Board meeting.

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Three board members were sworn-in during ceremonies at the beginning of Juab School District Board meeting on Wednesday.
The oath of office was administered by Darin Clark, Juab School District Business Administrator.
Dale Whitlock and Mary Nielsen were each reelected as members of the board in November.
Alicen Allred was sworn-in as a new member of the board. She will replace Cheryl Kay, who chose not to run for reelection
"We will now need to reorganize the board," said Dale Whitlock, who has been the board president.
As a first priority of business, school board members elected officers from their ranks.
Dale Whitlock, who has been serving as board president, will continue in that position.
He was nominated, all nominations ceased, and he was re-elected to the board position unanimously.
One surprise did occur in the election of officers.
"I nominate Linda Hanks as vice-president," said Tracy Olsen, board member.
Olsen has been the vice-chair and his nomination of Hanks came as a surprise.
Each of the positions carries a two-year term.
Whitlock said that he was looking forward to continuing to work for improvement in the next two years he would serve.
"I am a true believer that we can change and that we can always improve," said Whitlock.
Board committees to serve for the next year were also appointed.
The board negotiations committee will continue to be Olsen and Whitlock. They will work with educator and staff representatives.
The audit committee will consist of Olsen and Mary Nielsen, board member.
"Under state law, this new committee was to go into effect this year," said Jim Shank superintendent.
The audit committee is to review internal and external audit reports, survey work, follow-up reports, and quality assurance reviews of the business administrator; meet at each regularly scheduled board meeting with the administrator to discuss ongoing audits, audit priorities and progress, and other issues.
The curriculum committee consists of board members Linda Hanks and Alicen Allred. Their responsibility is to act as liaisons for the board. The Curriculum Committee considers and makes recommendations concerning the District's broad policies of education and research.
The Capital Facilities Committee will be Hanks and Nielsen.
They will meet with the administration of each school and will walk through buildings and discuss construction and upkeep projects that need to be undertaken during the summer months to improve or maintain each of the buildings and grounds.
"You need to schedule a walk-trough soon," said Shank. "That way we can begin to prioritize what projects can be done."