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  • Mona City will soon control all the roads within its city limits

By Rebecca Dopp
Times-News Correspondent

Mona City Mayor Bill Mills and council members Mike Stringer and Randy Christensen came before county commissioners December 17 to petition that they take over responsibility of the roads from the county/city line, north and south on Highway 91, and on 200 North to the city limits.

“Talking with Lynn [Ingram, county road department supervisor], this could be an advantage for both of us [county, city],” said Mills.

He said that he felt it was time to move forward with this, and that Mona City was probably the only city in the county that did not have control over its own roads.

Rick Carlton, commissioner, said he was in support of the proposal. The county had addressed issues with the road, particularly with the school district signage, and felt that it would be an excellent idea for Mona City to own and control the road. Mona could then control what happened with issues like the signage without having to come to county every time for discussion.

“I think you could probably get some federal money to finish off Main Street there, which we probably won’t because we’ve been in a program for them for over 30 years. I think you’d have a better chance of improving that road than we ever have,” Carlton said.

“If you extend your boundary line, we just keep extending that road?” Carlton asked.

Mills said he would not have any problem taking over the road as the city limits expand. He said that Mona City should be responsible for the road within city limits.

One concern he had was with an agreement with Houweling’s Tomatoes to repave 200 North. He wondered how it would affect this proposal. Carlton said that he would instruct county attorney Ryan Peters to analyze and review that agreement.

“We’ve given them multiple opportunities to sign the amendment to extend the time and they have not executed that amendment yet, so technically, they are outside the agreement timeline. We are working with them to try to get that accomplished,” said Carlton.

He said that now might be a good time for Houweling’s to cooperate as Nephi City has been talking about installing a natural gas line down that road. They would like to do that project all at the same time.

“I don’t want to speak for them” said Carlton, “but we’ve had conversations in that regard, with Kasey [Wright, Nephi City attorney]—I have, myself and Brent Boswell—that they’d like that to all be done at the same time and they’d be willing to sign the amendment to extend the time out.”

Peters had agreed to take over that agreement, get the amendment signed and meet with appropriate parties from the commission, city leaders and Houweling’s to make sure that it gets done.

Carlton hoped that the project would get done in 2019.

“I know the road department is anxious to get that done,” he said.

Mills hoped that with the support of the county, Houweling’s would follow through with the agreement. The road, at this time, is in fairly decent condition, but the road is getting full with whatever is underneath it, he said.

There was no opposition to Mona City taking over the roads from the county road department. Commissioners Byron Woodland and Clinton Painter were in favor of the proposal.

Peters wanted to clarify if the county was giving over the ownership of the roads to Mona City or was the city just agreeing to maintain the roads? Carlton said he thought it would be more appropriate that Mona City takes over ownership of the roads.

An agreement will have to be drawn up outlining the parameters of the transfer.