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January 8, 2020



PAYMENT CHECK • Members of the Ute Stampede Committee presented their annual $10,000 payment for bleachers to Clinton Painter, commission chairman.

By Myrna Trauntvein
TN Correspondent

The Ute Stampede Committee lived up to their agreement to pay an annual $10,000 to the county for bleachers built a decade ago.

The fairground replacement bleachers, on the west side of the rodeo arena, were built in time for the 75th rodeo celebration in 2009.

Since then, because of a three-way agreement to pay for them, the Ute Stampede Committee presents an annual check to Juab County for $10,000.

On Monday, Chris Memmott, Kyle Garrett and Kyle Carter, representing the Ute Stampede Committee, presented Clinton Painter, Juab County Commission Chairman, with a $10,000 check.

“We are here to present you with the annual check for $10,000,” said Memmott. “We are a bit late because this is the check for 2019.”

He said committee members had been busy with rodeo-related work but promised that, for 2020, the committee would make the payment by the time of the Ute Stampede in July.

Juab County, Juab County Fair and the Ute Stampede all agreed to accept the terms of a Community Impact Board (CIB) contract in building the bleachers in 2009.

“The three entities agreed to split the no-interest loan money repayment,” said Painter.

The money came to the county to demolish and rebuild the failing section of the grandstand.

“The county also donated $100,000 in-kind money to tear down the existing section,” said Painter.

The terms of the contract were that the funds would be repaid in 30 years.

“Some of the CIB money used in the construction came in the form of a grant that did not need to be repaid,” said Painter.

The money used to build that section of bleachers and new restrooms amounted to approximately $1 million.

The new bleachers were needed because of safety concerns since the footings on the old bleachers were gone.

Back in 2005, a group of citizens representing some of the festivals held in Nephi along with the Nephi City Chamber of Commerce President, wanted the commission to replace the old wooden structure on the west side of the arena.

Painter said that the Ute Stampede Committee had been faithful in making the annual payment each June as had the county fair board.