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January 13, 2021



  • Annexation of city-owned property clears final step

By Myrna Trauntvein
TN Correspondent

The Nephi South Commercial Park Annexation may now be annexed following a public hearing.

Mayor Glade Nielson opened the public hearing and called for comments. There were none, so the hearing was closed.

Later on the agenda, the proposal came up for discussion among the council.

“This property consists of 73 acres,” said Seth Atkinson, city administrator. “It is owned by the city.”

The approximate location is southwest of Owens Corning which is located at 762 S Main St, Nephi.

“Annexing the property fits with our plans for the future,” said Glade Nielson, mayor.

Donald Ball, resident, asked what the plans may be for the future for the land.

“There are wonderful things planned for there,” said Nielson. “We are not at liberty to disclose what that might consist of at present.”

He said those plans would be forthcoming.

“The property will be used for our planned industrial park that we want to add to the south end of the city since the north industrial park is full,” said Atkinson. “We have needed utilities nearby.”

Now that the public hearing has been held, said Lisa Brough, city recorder/finance director, the next step is to have an ordinance written for the council to adopt that will approve the annexation of the property.

“We have been through the steps,” said Brough.

The city council accepted the petition, the recorder certified the petition, it was noticed, a protest period was advertised and, as the final step before annexation, the city council must hold a public hearing on the annexation.

“The city council may then approve the annexation petition through ordinance at the next council meeting,” said Brough.

Within 30 days of approving annexation, the city must file a plat map and

notice of impending boundary action with the lieutenant governor, who will then issue a certificate of annexation.

Finally, the recorder will submit the certificate of annexation, plat map, and copy of the approving ordinance to the county recorder as well as the Department of Health.

The recorder will also send a notice of annexation to each affected entity.