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  • Mona City Council makes corrections and revisions to cemetery policies and procedures


By Rebecca Dopp
Times-News Correspondent

The Mona City Council reviewed the Mona City Cemetery Policies and Procedures manual at council meeting January 22 and made some corrections and revisions.
The council decided to delete the last paragraph in the section titled Burials, Part D: which stated that "permits for burial must be obtained prior to the opening of a grave...."
They added to the last sentence in Decorations and Flower Policy, Part D: Artificial Flowers: Artificial flowers and grave decorations are permitted from November 1 to March 31 "with permission from the cemetery superintendent. Exceptions can be made."
They struck the paragraph under Decorations and Flower Policy, Part H, which said "All plants to be planted by headstones need to be in a cement planting box."
There were also several typographical errors that were fixed.
The council was asked at the prior meeting to familiarize themselves with the policies and to make any suggestions for changes.