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LEVAN MAIN STREET IMPROVEMENTS • Kary Monroe, Jones and DeMille Engineering board member, presents an overlook of the Levan Main Street enhancement project to council members. The project will revitalize Levan's main street with curb, gutter, sidewalks, and lighting.

By Rebecca Dopp
Times-News Correspondent

Levan Town's Main Street, or State Road 28, is in desperate need of a makeover, one that will include curb, gutter, sidewalk, and new street lights. With the help of the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), and Jones and DeMille Engineering, this project is moving along and the town is getting ready to apply for a grant and loan through Community Impact Board (CIB).
The Levan Town Council met in a public hearing February 13 to get input from residents about the town seeking a grant or a loan through CIB.
"I thought we'd have a full house," said council member Brent Taylor, looking out over a sparse crowd of attendees.
Kary Monroe, Jones and DeMille Engineering board member, gave a presentation of what the project will entail.
"UDOT has plans to redo Main Street out here from 300 South to 50 North," he said. "The plan for most of it is microsurface seal. When they get to the intersection [in front of the town hall] it will be Rotomill and overlay. They will dig down six inches to remove the asphalt and then put new asphalt back into the intersection that gets a lot of abuse from the trucks."
A final determination will be made as to where the cutoff point of the Rotomill will be. There was some discussion of it starting closer to Center Street.
One resident asked about the improvements to the road including the bridge at 400 South where it narrows to two lanes. Monroe said UDOT does not have the funds to do that part at this time, but is aware of the problem. Taylor said he was told by UDOT that that project would be a big and costly job, but the council would continue to bring it up.
Monroe said that UDOT was able to find additional money to do enhancements along Main Street including curb, gutter and six foot sidewalk. They will try to leave the existing sidewalks as long as they tie in with the new ones.
Also, as part of the additional funding from UDOT, there will be new light poles. The design will have to fall within the budget set by UDOT.
"They said they would listen to the town and if they, [the town] needed fancy poles than UDOT would give the town a budget and let them do whatever they want within that dollar range," Monroe said.
A couple of issues the town needs to address, said Monroe, are the removal of the old utility poles along Main Street and putting in underground power to service the homes and the light poles along the street. The town needs to find funding for the materials through CIB. The town employees will do the work.
A water line also runs within the travel lane and has suffered some breaks over the year. It will need to be removed and reinstalled closer to the curb. UDOT would cover the cost of doing the asphalt over the line and pay for the inspector. The town needs to pay for the installation of the piping, the valves, and the connections. The town will also need to provide water access to the vacant lots for future growth.
These two projects will need to be funded through CIB grants or low cost loans. Monroe said the water line project would be approximately $240,000. This project was bid out last year, but the town did not have the funds to do it at that time.
Monroe handed out copies of the proposed costs to accompany the CIB application. The total cost of the project is estimated at $1,520,000. UDOT's portion is $1,062,000 and the town needs to fund $400,000 with a loan or grant from CIB and $58,000 in in-kind work by the town employees.
"Right now those are just estimates," Monroe said. "This all happened pretty fast that we had to throw together and CIB said 'get us the application and if you need to change the numbers a little bit, we'll understand'". He said they are working on finalizing the costs on the power system work with town employees.
The town will apply for $300,000 in grant money, and a $100,000 loan with a 0% interest rate for 20 years.
"We hope they see this as a good project and be willing to do that or maybe even a little better," he said.
Levan Town is scheduled to go before CIB in April to present the project. The funding meeting will be June 13.