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  • Planning commission reports on current items of interest to city council

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

A new building, a subdivision and a request for a zone change were all topic discussed by the city planning commission.
Glenn Greenhalgh, planning commission chair, reported on the work of the planning commission and, specifically, items considered by members at the commission meeting in January.
"The planning commission has called for a public hearing on a proposed zone change to be held on February 8," said Greenhalgh. "We have had a fair amount of activity this past month."
The proposed building is across the street west from Wes Lynn's storage units near Mt. Nebo Market.
"Shane and Stephanie Woolslayer, Economy Floors, want to move off Main Street," said Greenhalgh. "That is their present location."
The planning commission reviews and approves site plans for commercial projects and reviewed the proposed site plan for the Economy Floors project, said Greenhalgh.
The planning commission site plan for Economy Floors was reviewed. Items such as sewer access, curb, gutter, sidewalk, handicapped parking, and landscaping were discussed.
He said that the Woolslayers had told the commission that they were selling counter tops as well as flooring and needed a new facility.
The project involving Economy Floors is a commercial building proposed at 100 West and approximately 875 North.
One concern, said Greenhalgh, is that the 800 S street is blocked from continuing west by a Habitat home that was approved by an earlier council.
Now the council and the commission need to consider for the future the best way not to landlock the property but allow future access.
"We try not to make changes in zoning that would not fit with the master plan," he said.
A subdivision in early planning stages would like a cul de sac but that would leave a lot of property that could not be accessed.
Mayor Mark Jones asked about industrial vs. combined use property zones.
"The property owner, Wes Lynn, has requested a zone change to make the project feasible," said Greenhalgh, "and the planning commission scheduled a public hearing for that zone-change request."
The commission reviewed Lynn's zone change request of property located at 900 North 200 West, from R1-8 to CU (Combined Use).
Paul McPherson and Jim McWilliams are proposing a subdivision project east of Red Cliffs Elementary. That project also requires a zone change after a public hearing. The planning commission also agreed to schedule that public hearing.
McPherson and McWilliams are pursuing a subdivision just west of Arvin Billings' home
"The Patel vicinity plat was also reviewed," said Greenhalgh. "Items such as water, sewer, electric, gas, and entrances onto state highway were discussed."
The planning commission approved the vicinity plat as recommended from Development Review Committee.
"We are also updating the policy plan as you requested," said Greenhalgh. "That was an assignment that you gave us."
"We have a good group to work with," he said.
Members of the city planning commission are: Glenn Greenhalgh, Chairman, Karl Brough, Sam Memmott, Glade Nielson, Wes Lynn and Nathan Memmott, city council member.
"Thank you guys for looking out for the city," said Greg Rowley, council member. "Thanks for holding the line and assuring future access."
Greenhalgh said that he had also appreciated working, over the years, with Randy McKnight, city administrator, who will soon be retiring.