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  • Council votes to move forward with housing developments in southeast Nephi

By Myrna Trauntvein
TImes-News Correspondent

A briefing on the status of three residential housing developments in southeast Nephi was presented by Seth Atkinson, city administrator.

Usually, he said, Nephi development procedures were discussed by Glenn Greenhalgh, city planning commission chairman. However, Greenhalgh was excused from the meeting and so the task fell to Atkinson.

The developments have been reviewed by the city staff, the development review committee and the planning commission.

“The planning commission has voted in favor of the projects moving forward and they are now before you,” said Atkinson.

Paul McPherson and Jim McWilliams, developers of Covington Ridge Plat E, and Red Cliffs Subdivisions Phase A and Phase B were present at the meeting.

Plat E had met the requirements set by the city and the mylar was approved.

Mylar plans for Red Cliffs Subdivision Phase A were also approved.

Atkinson said that the planning commission was also making the request that the Red Cliffs development, Phase B, be considered for the final plat, he said.

“Phase A is located at 1300 South, behind Red Cliffs Elementary,” said Atkinson. “Phase B is just north of that.”

The city was also addressing Covington Ridge Estates, Phase E. That subdivision is an extension of the Covington Ridge Estates which has been through Phases A through D but the former phases were not done by the present developers.

That subdivision, located on the southeast of Nephi, behind Red Cliffs Elementary School, 1199 South Main, in the section west of 400 East, had some roads that were terminated in cul de sacs, but that has been cleaned up and with this development, the roadways are all through streets, meaning that they have an ingress and egress.

“Red Cliffs, Phase B, is just north of the school,” said Atkinson. “It is designed so that it meets the street alignments so that it has a true four-way road.”

The street will enter and exit on 1300 South and is also to be asphalted, he said.

“Actually, the developers have taken a lot of time and expense to make the streets work,” said Nathan Memmott, city council member. “We appreciate that. They even had a traffic study done.”

He said that the work McWilliams and McPherson had done on road planning and the traffic study would benefit that area of the city for years to come.

A Preliminary Plat is a map showing a proposed subdivision which has been submitted to the planning commission and a Final Plat is a map of a subdivision of land made up in final form ready for approval and filing.

Mylars are the reproducible sheets of the subdivision plat that are made of a plastic, transparent material for displaying the lot configuration and the signatures of the agencies involved in approval.

Atkinson explained that approving and signing the mylar plans are the final steps for the two subdivisions before recording the subdivisions in a lengthy approval process that the planning commission goes through to guarantee that all requirements are met.

“If they meet the requirements set for the final plat,” said Kasey Wright, city attorney, “then the city cannot deny the development.”

A zone change, allowing the addition of a new section to the Covington Ridge Subdivision, was approved with conditions at Nephi City’s first council meeting in April 2017.

Covington Ridge Phase E is to the south and west of subdivision development Plat D.

The approximate location is in the area of 1000 South and west of 400 East.

The council unanimously approved the mylar plans for Covington Ridge Phase E Subdivision and for Red Cliffs Subdivision Phase A. They also approved the final plat for Red Cliffs Subdivision Phase B.