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By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Mona residents have been participating in the Nephi Recreation in Mona program in good numbers.

John Bradley, Nephi City Recreation Director, and Melinda Matheson, who works with Mona on recreation, presented a report on how organized recreation was faring in Mona.

“Of the 2,424 ‘known’ participants, 501 were from Mona,” said Bradley. “This equals 21 percent of total participants are from Mona.”

Mayor Bill Mills asked what the unknown participants represented and Bradley said that some special events, like the Easter Egg Hunt, open swimming and the movie at the park did not track where participants were from.

Last year, said Bradley, Mona City Council and Nephi Recreation in Mona, had a discussion about providing recreational opportunities for Mona residents and other programs offered above and beyond the traditional Nephi Recreation programs which would be closer to home for Mona residents.

“Mona City paid Nephi Recreation a stipend $4,775 which runs from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019,” Bradley said.

Those programs included summer programs in 2018 of kickball, wiffleball, 3x3 basketball and summer in the park.

“All Mona teams practice soccer in Mona as needed, he said.

During the fall, there had been after school programs and all Mona teams practiced flag football in Mona as needed.

During the winter months, he said, there are after school programs and basketball practices now being held at Mona Elementary.

“Some programs require Nephi City facilities,” Bradley said. “We are now able to get into the Mona Elementary and that is a big help.”

There are plans for the Spring recreation program in Mona, he said. Those plans include a fishing class at Burraston Ponds and all Mona teams will practice baseball and softball in Mona as needed.

“There will be home games for youth girls softball and youth boys baseball,” he said.

Bradley said that he and Matheson would be happy to help with other goals for recreation in Mona.

“We have our own movie equipment and screen and could do your movie in the park at your celebration,” he said.

However, said Katrina Long, council member over the celebration, she would like to see Nephi partner with Mona in getting funding for a basketball court at the park.

She would appreciate Bradley and Matheson steering her towards agencies that might be willing to help fund he project.

“We will do whatever we can to help,” said Bradley.

Mills said that he wanted to thank Matheson for all the work she did in bringing recreation to Mona and in her being part of the Nephi Recreation Department.

The total Nephi Recreation Department Budget is $267,000 and the total Nephi Swimming Pool Budget is $129,000.

Bradley said that total Nephi Recreation Participation 2018 figures for all recreation indicated that Nephi had 1,582, Mona had 501, Levan had 211, Rocky Ridge had 35, Eureka had zero, Sanpete County had 72, Utah/Salt Lake County had 18, Millard County had 5 and special events (with unknown area of location) totaled 5,132.

In all, he said there was a grand total of participation of 7,556.

“Christmas came early to recreation supporters in Nephi and Juab County,” said Bradley. “Special thanks to the support of Nephi residents passing the November PAR Tax, Nephi City Council unanimously agreed, December 18, to provide an interfund loan to the recreation project so that the project could start now and not wait several years for the sales tax to accrue.”

“We were lacking in facilities,” he said. “We are excited about the PAR tax,” he said.

The first project will provide needed soccer fields while saving tax payer money through the use of existing park, watering and grass space.

He said a ribbon cutting would be set for the spring and youth soccer would expand to be played spring and fall.

Bradley said that the project was approximately $200,000 and called for playing field lights, fencing, scoreboards and the removal of some trees.

“We estimate that the PAR Tax will bring in $80,000 a year for ten years,” he said.

That would amount to $650,000 over the ten year period.

“There were 71 total programs offered by Nephi Recreation during 2018,” said Bradley.

Those were: youth basketball, youth softball, youth soccer, youth flag football, youth girls volleyball, offered kids triathlon, British soccer camp, youth USAT& F Competitive Track, adult coed volleyball, shooter soccer clinic, Itty Bitty (fall), youth track and field, youth swim team, adaptive soccer, adaptive softball, adaptive tennis, adaptive basketball, youth fishing, women volleyball (fall), women volleyball (spring), Zombie 1 Mile, Jazz Funshot Event, youth baseball, Halloween Carnival, Christmas Light Parade, Easter Egg Hunt, Intermediate youth tennis/offer CUTA, youth tennis camp, youth summer unplugged, adult coed softball, adult drop in soccer, adult drop in flag football, Jr. Jazz Basketball Clinic, Nephi Night at Jazz Ticket Series, Imagination Playground, and youth indoor tennis.

There were also: Youth art classes, youth indoor soccer (spring) and youth indoor soccer (winter), men’s basketball, high school drop zone, movies in the park, rec fest, color run 5K, Summer in the Park, disc golf, foot golf, swimming lessons, cardboard regatta, Family Night at the Pool, Scout Merit Badges, JUMP Community Night Out (spring) and JUMP Community Night Out (fall), Snow College Basketball Camp, USTA Tennis Clinic, doubles tennis tournament, youth Wildlife Explorers Camp, youth track meets and state competition, Lego Camp Offered HS Winners, Edge, gym rentals, Rec in Mona (summer), Rec in Mona after school, ballfield rentals, swim lap swim, swim aqua dance, family hiking challenge, adults softball tournaments, and skills night with all sports.