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February 12, 2020



New Zone Map

By Myrna Trauntvein
TN Correspondent

The past year has seen a lot of changes and additions to the city zoning map and an update was needed.

The council approved accepting a new zoning map in a four-to-one vote. Kent Jones, council member, voted against the adoption because he wanted to walk the city and look at the various zones before voting.

“The planning commission recommended adopting a new map that would reflect all of the changes,” said Seth Atkinson, city administrator.

One of the changes was the zero lot line zone which had not been part of any previous zoning maps.

“We have done zone map updates,” said Atkinson, “but it is a good idea to redo the map and reflect the changes.”

Nathan Memmott, council member, said he knew that the change did come as a request but that one of the zones he did not remember ever approving.

The R-3 zone was approved awhile ago but a lot has occurred since then.

Memmott said that it might be helpful, when the map was presented to the council, to have the dates and reasons for the changes accompany it so that the council would remember that event occurring.

“The planning commission held a public hearing,” said Jones. “That means that we don’t have to hold one and can just accept their recommendation.

“Even if there is not change,” said Skip Worwood, council member, “it is a good idea to look at it annually.”

Several council members, however, did have problems with some of the colors used for the various zones. They said that having several shades of green, blue and red was not good for those who were colorblind.

“We can make adjustments in the colors,” said Atkinson. “We do need to know what ones would be best to use.”

“It might be wise to have separate layers for each zone,” said Don Ball, “the others could be left white. Only one copy would be needed and it could be kept in the city office.”

“That is a good idea,” said Lisa Brough, city recorder and finance director.

“The different layers would be helpful,” said Glade Nielson, mayor. “We could even do a CAD drawing in different layers.”

Memmott said he also had a suggestion.

He said that, when a change was made in zones, that new information should be posed on the city website as soon as that happened. That way the zoning map would not lag behind and could be helpful to all immediately.

The council has authority to adopt zoning ordinances and maps and Nephi City Planning Commission reviews and recommends to the legislative body changes to the Nephi City Zoning Map.

“Due to several zoning changes that have occurred in Nephi City it is necessary to adopt an updated zoning map and the Nephi City Planning Commission has reviewed the zoning map and made recommendations for an amended and updated map,” said Atkinson.

The amended and updated zoning map, as adopted to conform with the zoning ordinance, and to protect the welfare of the city, became effective immediately.