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  • Mt. Nebo FFA Jr. High represents at 90th State FFA Convention


1ST PLACE AT STATE FFA • The state winning Conduct of Chapter Meetings team took first place at the State FFA Convention. Team members are Leah Keyte, Naesha Poulsen, Jake Woodland, Kylee Carter, Venessa Durbin, Hannah Hall and Allison Wood.

By Saige Daley
FFA Junior Member


On Thursday, March 8th, Juab Junior High had 17 students representing it at the 90th Annual Utah FFA State Convention in the Agriscience Fair.

You are probably wondering what an Agriscience Fair is and what it has to do with the National FFA Organization, I know I did when I found out we had to do it in our Agricultural Science class at Juab Junior High. Through working on our projects for class, I learned that the Agriscience Fair is almost the same as a regular science fair except for a few things: every project has a connection to agriculture, and you have to write a report that consists of why it is important to agriculture, results, acknowledgements and more. Agriscience Fair connects with FFA not only because it is a contest that many members of FFA participate in, but also because one of the organizationís main goals is to educate people about all forms of agriculture. The Agriscience Fair does a great job of that by encouraging participants to use their own knowledge as well as knowledge they gain from other sources. Once the participants have gained new knowledge, they create displays and reports which they can present to their community to teach them about important agricultural topics.

There were 36 Mt Nebo FFA members from JJHS present at the convention and 17 competing in the Agriscience Fair. Of those students participating were six groups of 2 and five individual projects. The participants were: Joey Kay and CheyAnn Lewis, Jace Kendall and Hagen Hall, Hayes Wall and Ryker Watkins, Kale Wilde and McKade Poulsen, Drew Goodman and Duncan Pay, Justin Ballow and Logan Holdaway, Brylee Greenhalgh, Tate Stephenson, Jayden Topham, Gavin Walker and Grace Holman. There were six categories these students had to choose between, ranging from food products and processing, plant and animal systems, environmental and natural resources, power and structural systems and social systems. A few topics the participants chose were Grain fed vs. Grass fed Steak, Which Food do Chickens Waste More of, What People Know About UBIA, and Agricultural Land Management. Each of the students that competed worked very hard in order to present a state quality display and report, and all that hard work definitely paid off.

Mt Nebo FFA definitely represented Juab well, not only in the Agriscience Fair but in all contests. All Jr. High Agriscience Fair participants from Juab were state finalists but they didnít just stop there, they went beyond finalists and each of them placed in the top two. First place winners are, Hagen Hall and Jace Kendall, Brylee Greenhalgh, Hayes Wall and Ryker Watkins, Gavin Walker, Kale Wilde and McKade Poulsen, Drew Goodman and Duncan Pay, Grace Holman, and Justin Ballow and Logan Holdaway. Second place winners are Joey Kay and CheyAnn Lewis, Tate Stephenson, and Jayden Topham. Some other accomplishments of Junior High FFA members are that the Mt Nebo Conduct of Chapter Meetings team that consists of both Junior High and High School FFA members took first place and will be representing Utah FFA during the national FFA convention later this year. The members of this team are, Vanessa Durbin, Kylee Carter, Leah Keyte, Naesha Poulsen, Jake Woodland, Allison Wood and Hannah Hall. We also had a state finalist for both the Meyers Cowdog grant and the Daglow Memorial Sheep Grant.

I was given the opportunity to go to the Agriscience Fair contest as an exploratory experience. I am a member of the Mt Nebo Jr. FFA, and I was not able to compete in the Agriscience Fair at state level this year, but I am very interested in competing next year as a freshman. I was given this amazing opportunity because of my interest in the Agriscience Fair contest. This gave me a chance to see what a state quality board and report looked like, as well as some of the important agriculture topics that advanced to the state level. I was also able to talk to some state competitors from other chapters to get a new perspective from students my age that live in areas with different agricultural opportunities. This was a really fun experience that helped me meet new people and learn about many different agricultural topics.