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  • Nephi Police will be enforcing OHV ordinances more closely

The Nephi City Police will be enforcing the Off-Highway Vehicle Ordinances more closely as the weather turns warmer.
"Please follow the local city and state laws when riding Off-Highway Vehicles within the Nephi City Area," said Sergeant John D. Shepherd, Nephi City Police Department Information Officer.
Local Ordinance: 11.410 applies, he said.
Use the designed streets marked for use when riding Off-Highway Vehicles. The streets are marked. From an operator's residence the law is always for the OHVs to be driven to the marked streets by the shortest route possible.
The streets designated for use are:
700 North - East & West
Golf Course Road
200 West from 700 North to 500 South
500 South from 400 East to West City Limits
400 East from 700 North to 500 South
100 South from 400 East to 800 East
-The speed limit on the streets is 15 MPH.
-Equipment must be maintained on the Off-Highway Vehicles.
-The vehicles must be ridden on the outside edge of all paved roads so as not to impede regular traffic.
-ALL Off-Highway Vehicles must be registered according to the state laws.
-The driver of the Off-Highway Vehicles must have a valid Utah driver's license, over 18 years old, or posses the appropriate state license and certificate (card).
-Anyone under the age of 18 years old is required to wear a helmet as per the state laws.
-All violations are Class C Misdemeanors and will be enforced by local law enforcement. If a violator is under 16 years old and does not have a valid state ATV license the parent's of the juvenile may also be issued charges. Law Enforcement officers will have the discretion to tow any Off-Highway Vehicles in violation.
The Off-Highway Vehicle law will be strongly enforced by the Nephi City Police Department. Please contact the department with any questions 435-623-1626.