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  • Chapel View Subdivision gets approval to move ahead; largest in the city to date


By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

A 70-home subdivision to be built in northeast Nephi will be one of the largest in the city to date.

It will fill in the property north and west of the Nephi North LDS Stake Center and east of Shopko. The property is now an empty field. The homes will be built on one-fourth and one-third acre lots.

“Pat Painter has been our contact for that development,” said Seth Atkinson, city administrator. “They named it Chapel View to give it a nice neighborhood name.”

He said that there was nothing in the city code to forbid construction but the recommendation was that the developers obtain a written letter from Shopko that corporate officers do not object to the design of the road into the business. Because of the nature of the retail store, large delivery trucks need access.

There was also a boundary that needed to be cleaned up.

“There was another concern at the recorder’s office,” said Atkinson. “The property description was off and there’s a little gap.”

The council approved the development with the two requests—a letter from Shopko and the boundary adjusted—but with Kent Jones voting in the negative.

Nathan Memmott, council member, said he had some concerns about the way those delivery trucks would have to back into the driveway to unload at Shopko from 100 East.

There will be a 40-foot entrance to 100 East, said Atkinson.

“Presently, they come into the parking lot of Shopko to make deliveries,” said Kyle Marchant, Nephi City Public Works Director.

He said that truckers don’t use the roadway from the side. Drivers would have to angle in a bit to use that approach.

The city cannot require that the letter be provided, said Atkinson, but the city can recommend that the developers obtain a signed, written letter.

As for 1250 North, the street is a bit narrow and will need to be widened.

The developers are responsible for all the roads in their subdivision,” said Atkinson. “Both the Chapel View subdivision and the Red Cliffs subdivision were required to build the roads that are within their respective boundaries.”

Atkinson said that there was a small section of 200 East that would connect where the Chapel View subdivision ends and where 200 East is currently built.

“If we had been able to require them to do a traffic study, it most likely would have shown that they needed that connection to serve so many homes and they would have been required to install the road,” he said. “As it stands, there was nothing we could do to require it of them.”

If the connection is to be made, he said, it would be on the city and that cost would need to come out of city road funds.

Recently the Nephi City Planning Administrator Glenn Greenhalgh, presented some recommended changes to the subdivision section of the land use ordinance that were suggested by the planning commission.

The most significant changes were: the time frame in which plat plans are submitted, that a traffic study should be required unless waived by the Planning Commission, that public improvements be guaranteed for a period of one year after completion and acceptance from the city, and that cul-de-sac street turnarounds be 120 feet in diameter.

All of those recommendations, though being acted upon, came after the fact in dealing with the subdivision and cannot be demanded of them because the planning for the subdivision began before a change was recommended to the subdivision ordinance.

Jones asked what the cost to the city would be for building the road.

“It will cost the city $40,000,” Marchant said.

The other road needing to be addressed was a widening of 1250 North.

“We had asked them, but could not require them, to widen 1250 North by moving their subdivision south by about 6 feet,” said Atkinson. “They agreed to do so but didn’t want to pay for the extra asphalt on 1250 North.”

That then falls on the city to pay for those improvements.

“Since 1250 North needs some maintenance, this also seems like a good time to improve that whole road from Main to 400 East,” he said.

Don Ball asked if, since 1250 North was being widened, if it would become a collector road.

“We have other roads in Nephi that are collector roads and they are cleared for ATV use,” he said. 

Just at the back of the Painter property, south of the proposed subdivision, is where the State of Utah owns a road shed, said Skip Worwood, council member. The Utah Department of Transportation building is located at 105 East 900 North and the road going into it belongs to the state.

Next to UDOT on the east is the former Ludlow Batch Plant property.

As long as a developer meets the terms of the ordinance that is in place at the time of application, a municipality is bound and cannot refuse to approve the subdivision, said Kasey Wright, city attorney.

“If they meet the requirements, you can’t refuse to approve the subdivision,” he said.