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  • Mona's compost collection site will be up and going by May 1st

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The compost collection site for Mona City residents will be ready to go May 1.
Plant life and tree limbs will only be accepted.
"Warn everyone that if this gets abused and other garbage is left there, it will be shut down," said Bill Mills, mayor.
Jeff Hearty, council member, said that he had been to the proposed site and had paced off a section that was approximately 20-feet by 30-feet and thought that the size would be sufficient for the proposed use.
The area is located at approximately 200 East and 100 North.
"Would it be possible to section it off into two areas, one for tree limbs and the other for green waste?" asked Mills.
The tree limbs should be kept separate from the garden waste, said Mike Stringer, because the tree limbs could be burned by the city during an open burn window.
The area where the compost section is located is part of a piece of land being leased by Dustin Kay.
Kay said that he would be willing to put up the needed fence around the compost site if the city would provide the needed materials, said Hearty.
If the city council would like, said Hearty, the area being set aside could be moved a bit so that it would be located more to the west than it is at present.
"The area where the old dairy was is not good ground," he said.
Lynn Ingram, city planning director, said that the signs for the compost collection site should, perhaps, be placed at the same time as when the fence went up.
The signs, however, may not be ready in time for that. The city could place temporary signs at the site and then replace them with the permanent ones when they arrive.
"I think we should run out to Levan and Nephi's compost sites and look at theirs," said Allen Pay, water master.
He said that Levan did have a place in their area for tree limbs to be taken.
If desired, more formal survey work could be done to make certain that the site was where the council wanted it and that it would be the dimensions the council wanted.
Nevertheless, the site will open on May 1 for residents to use.