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  • School district updates emergency preparedness plan

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Juab area schools are as safe during a variety of emergencies as prior planning can make them.
The former emergency preparedness plans, which were a decade old, were updated last year.
"Our district-wide Crisis Management Plan was completed in cooperation with J. Berra Engineering Inc.," said Dr. Jim Shank, superintendent.
Each school has a crisis management plan specific to their individual needs and is incorporated into their emergency evacuation and "lock-down" plans.
"The Crisis Management Plan is a comprehensive step by step protocol that facilitates decision making, taking action, and cooperation with First-Responders," he said. "Each school and the district office has a copy of these plans."
Shank said that plans are reviewed regularly and practice drills are conducted as per Utah State code.
All schools, for example, participated in the Utah ShakeOut earthquake drill held earlier this month.
"It is important to note that if a crisis were to occur, schools will work closely with First-Responders, organize, and react as required for the safety and security of students and staff as well as those who are working to resolve the crisis," said Shank.
"Furthermore, we are fortunate to have a strong working relationship with our local law enforcement, Fire Department, and Central Valley Medical Center."
This relationship includes the continued community and county support of Officer Jarrod Villar, Student Resource Officer.
"No crisis management plan is entirely perfect and new crisis scenarios seem to emerge regularly," said Shank. "However, the district continually plans for such emergencies, practices regularly, and we meet monthly with our Local Interagency Council to discuss various issues."
The old plan had been in existence since 1994 when it was put into place by the school board as designed by Leonard Trauntvein, at the time the district's risk management and emergency planning director.
Each school had a copy of that plan which has now been replaced with copies of the newly designed and implemented plan.
The Interagency Council is made up of: Juab School District, Juab County, Mosaic, USU Extension, CUCC (Central Utah Counseling Center), Nephi City, CWCIC, Central Valley Medical Center, Central Utah Mental Health, DCFS, Department of Workforce Services, Juab Co. Sheriff, DSPD, Mountainland Headstart, Department of Youth Corrections, Six County AOG, Victims Advocate, Juab Fine Arts, AP&P (Adult Probabtion and Parole), Juvenile Court and the Nephi Lions Club.