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Mona City wants you!…
to help with Pioneer Day celebration

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The date for Mona's annual Pioneer Day celebration has been set, but the city still needs assistance from volunteers in several areas.
Mona's Pioneer Celebration will be held Saturday, July 20.
"We are in need of volunteers," said Frank Riding, council member over the celebration.
Those who are interested in helping with the celebration are requested to call Riding or Michelle Dalton, city secretary, at the city office.
The council is also seeking a theme idea for this year's celebration and are asking people from the community to please email, mail, message on Facebook, or go to the city office to leave those suggestions.
"We are having a contest," he said.
The email address is monacity@nebonet.com.
"We have had a couple of volunteers so far," said Dalton.
Bill Mills, mayor, said there was a need for quite a number of volunteers to help with booths selling and making cotton candy and snow cones.
In addition, volunteers were needed for the Dunk Tank operation and for the climbing wall.
"Volunteers at the climbing wall will have to work in stages," said Mike Stringer, council member. "The wall will be here."
He said the work was quite intense and would require several volunteers who could work and then change out.
"My son would like to volunteer again this year," said Dalton.
"Since we need to make sure that we can man these things all day long," said Mills, "I wonder if we should hire some kids. We could provide some reasonable reimbursement for kids."
Riding assigned Jeffrey Hearty, council member, to assist Kimo Coray, a community volunteer, with the annual run; Jonathan Jones, to find someone to assist with the parade; and Molli Graham, council member, to assist with the talent show.
"That will relieve a lot of pressure on me and I can move forward with the rest of the celebration," said Riding.
Graham said she wondered that, if the city would contact the boy's home, they would find youth willing to help set up the needed equipment for the celebration and then take it down again.
The elementary school parent council is also planning to run a booth this year, once again, as a fund raiser for the school.
Graham said that the company bringing the equipment the city is renting for making of the snow cones and the cotton candy will bring the equipment to the city and will pick it up again but they will not do any of the work of setting it up or of running it.
"I would like to suggest putting a canopy over the concrete slab where the talent show will be held," said Graham. "It will help alleviate the heat problem in that area."
The council wondered what could be done to assure a constant source of ice for the snow cone machine. Usually, the ice has been purchased locally but that may no longer be an option since the business that provided it was not open.
Perhaps the city can contract with a company to bring a large ice machine to the celebration and leave it for the duration.
There was also a question about the need for power for the many pieces of equipment.
"Will we be scrambling for power?" asked Stringer.
Riding said he thought that would not be a problem because of some modifications that are planned to create more power sources for the park during the celebration.