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IT'S ONLY A 100 FOOT DROP • The Nephi Fire Department and Juab County Search and Rescue did some training with the new ladder truck Monday night at the fairgrounds. The ladder reaches 100 ft. and will be used more for fi ghting large areas, such as Owens Corning and the high school, and not necessarily for the tallest buildings in town. According to Brett Ostler, Assistant Fire Chief and Juab County Fire Marshal, the ladder has good-sized water cannons that can help with structure protection and keep the fi refi ghters safe if they need to cut into a roof for ventilation. He said for a new truck it would cost a million dollars, but the fire department got this truck for $25,000 and put some additional money into it to fi x it up. The truck came from Laughlin, Nevada. Pictured on the ladder truck are Lori Deschamps, climbing the ladder, and Clay Palfreyman, rappelling down. Mayor Mark Jones, inset, also got a chance to rappel down. Photos by Rebecca Dopp