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  • Dedications of Mona City Hall and veteran’s memorial may coincide with pioneer celebration

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Two dedications of new additions to Mona will be made this summer and council members wondered if they could be arranged to take place during the annual summer pioneer celebration.

The new community center and the veterans memorial will both be ready by the time the city celebration takes place the end of July, if all goes as planned.

In addition, council members discussed preliminary plans for the Pioneer Day Celebration.

Mona City’s Pioneer Day Celebration will be held on July 21-22 this year.

“Completion of the city building is just a few weeks out,” said Greg Newton, mayor.

He said that the building would be completed by the celebration and that an open house for the public could be held at that time so that residents could walk through it and could see what a great facility they now had in the city.

“A ribbon-cutting would also be a good idea,” said Molli Graham, council member.

Residents of Mona could be on-hand to view the official opening of the new community building.

The council could be in the photo as the ribbon was cut and, if it was done during the celebration, there would be a large interested crowd to view the ceremony.

Newton said the city had $300,000 in the capital improvements fund, owned the property which amounted to a $90,000 value, had a loan from CIB for $180,000 at 2 percent interest and a grant of $178,000 which will never require repayment.

“The building was forecast to $685,000,” said Newton. “But because it was done by the local building authority, there will not be an increase in taxes since the money being used by the building authority does not need to come from a dedicated revenue stream.” “There is a 2,600-foot open area and the doors between the open area and the council room can be slid open.”

The area may be rented out for family reunions, wedding receptions and community events. Sound may be piped into the open area and the doors opened for large public hearings.

The second topic for consideration was the new veterans memorial.

“The veterans memorial will be finished by the end of June,” said Newton. “I was wondering if we could time that dedication to take place during our celebration.”

Katrina Long, council member who is over the celebration, said that plans that she and her committee have made include a flag raising and a breakfast the morning of the celebration.

Newton said that the memorial committee had one more batch of pavers to lay at the site. Most of the other pieces were already installed.

“We want more than three people to show up at the dedication and there will be a lot of people here for the celebration,” said Newton.

“I would want the veterans memorial committee to be in charge of the dedication,” said Graham. “They have worked so hard on this project.”

Michelle Dalton, city secretary/treasurer, said that the committee had indicated that they wanted to have their own day.

Jones said that the option could be presented to them and the council could then determine how the committee thought the dedication should be handled.

At the Pioneer Day Celebration, there will be two food vendor booths, and 10 non-food vendor booths.

In addition, a talent show and parade, will be continued features. Those interested in participating as entries should go to the city site and download entrance forms.

“We will need to choose a grand marshal,” said Long.

That is a job that has, in the past, fallen to the city council though nominations have been accepted.

The annual dinner and the car show will both be on Friday, said Long.

The committee, however, has considered moving the night of the free movie shown at the city park. It has, in the past, been shown on Friday evening. However, there may be more participation if the movie was shown on Saturday evening.

There would be time to show the movie between the conclusion of the activities at the park and the beginning of the fireworks, she said.

“The parade on Saturday morning will be emceed by Jason Gibson,” said Long.

That will be a new addition to the parade.

“We have also planned a 5-K color run,” said Long. “It is a fun family event.”

The untimed event emphasizes fun over competition, she said. Open to first-time runners as well as families and children, the event is for runners and walkers. Participants at the event are showered with colored powder, made of food-grade corn starch, at various stations along the run. Stations can have different colors.