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Police nab suspect in gravesite thefts

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The Nephi City Police Department handled several theft calls from gravesites at the Nephi City Cemeteries over the past week.
Many individuals reported that flowers and other decorative items were taken from the gravesites over the Memorial Day weekend, said Sergeant John D. Shepherd, Nephi City Police Department Information Officer.
"The Nephi City Police Department began an investigation into the stolen items including extra patrol and surveillance in the area," said Shepherd.
On June 4, a Nephi City Employee noticed several decorations and flowers on the porch of a residence in Nephi. The items described matched some of the reported items stolen from the cemeteries. The police were contacted about the suspicious items.
Officer Sarah Robison responded to the residence and investigated the incident. Officer Robison determined that the items were indeed stolen from the Nephi City Cemetery.
"The stolen flowers and decorations were seized and taken to the police department," said Shepherd. "Several of the items were claimed by some of the victims."
However, there are still some unclaimed items at the police department. If anyone is missing decorations (including flowers) from the cemeteries over Memorial Day weekend contact the Nephi City Police, 435-623-1626.
The suspect involved was charged for the theft and referred to the Nephi City Justice Court.
The Nephi City Police Department would like to remind the public that gravesites and property on these sites are the property of the plot owners.
"Items cannot be taken at will by those visiting the site unless they own the property," said Shepherd. "This includes the Memorial Day clean-up. If anyone is caught taking items they will be arrested."
There is still an ongoing investigation regarding the stolen items that have not been recovered. If anyone has any information that can assist the police in locating the other individuals responsible for the thefts please contact the police department, 435-623-1626.
"It is too bad we have to remind people not to steal," he said. "It seems even worse to remind them to not steal from our friends and family that have passed on."