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  • Nephi City ordinance prohibits daytime watering during specific hours

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Nephi City does have a time of day water restriction that is in place year round but is policed during the summer months because of the need to conserve water.

Residents of the city should not water from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“City ordinance (Ord. 5-7-02) prohibits sprinkler irrigation of public or private land and plants with water from the city pressurized secondary water system and the city culinary water between those hours,” said Seth Atkinson, city administrator.

“The pumps are going full-time now,” said Atkinson.

Violation of the ordinance is a class C misdemeanor and is subject to a penalty.

In the city, a class C misdemeanor; or infraction has a penalty of $750 when the conviction is of a class C misdemeanor conviction or infraction conviction. (1979 Code § 1-331; amended 2007 Code)

“We now have a code enforcement officer,” said Larry Ostler, city council member.

The enforcement officer has been instructed to watch for those who are not obeying the water restriction ordinance.

“I still see people who are watering during the heat of the day,” said Ostler.

According to the city ordinance, the provisions apply to all plants and land within the city.

“This article does not apply in the following situations:

A. New lawns that require frequent irrigation for establishment purposes within ninety (90) days of planting.

B. Short cycles required for testing, inspecting and maintaining irrigation systems.

C. Other situations as permitted by the city. (Ord. 5-7-02, 5-7-2002, eff. 5-20-2002)

Atkinson said that the city website did have water conservation tips available for those who are concerned about conserving water. That information is located at: http://www.nephi.utah.gov/333/Water-Conservation-Tips.

“When the warmer weather comes to Nephi, watering a garden or lawn can take a significant amount of culinary water if you do not have an irrigation connection,” said Atkinson.

At the site are tips on conserving water from the Utah State University extension office and offers the following: Irrigation Suggestions & Guidelines; Indoor & Outdoor Conservation Techniques; Slow the Flow Water Check Program.

Specific advice on sprinkler performance in Juab County can be obtained through Sprinkler Performance Testing in Juab County.