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  • Search continues for suspect in burglary at Mona Park N Pump

DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS MAN? • The Sheriff’s office is asking for help in identifying this person who burglarized the Mona Park N Pump gas station on Saturday.

NEED YOUR HELP • Police say the burglary suspect was driving a red, 1992-2002 Pontiac Firebird. If you have any information, contact the Sheriff’s office at 435-623-1344.


By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The Juab County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a burglary that occurred at the Park and Pump convenience store and gas station located in Mona.

The burglary occurred on Saturday morning June 30, at approximately 1:26 a.m.

“An unidentified male forced entry through a south drive-up window and stole a safe with approximately $1,400 cash,” said Juab County Sheriff Douglas Anderson.

Surveillance of the business produced a video recording of the suspect from within the business and he is observed as a medium-build Caucasian male.

“He is observed to be wearing a white shirt, white socks on his hands and a white ball cap with Under Armor insignia on the cap,” said Anderson.

The suspect also has a white cloth, possibly another white shirt, draped over his head in an attempt to cover his face.

“It is also noted from the video surveillance that the suspect has tattoos on both forearms which appear to be some type of script, tattooed on his forearm in a linear pattern,” said Anderson.

The suspect vehicle appears to be red, possibly a 1992–2002 Pontiac Firebird with an unknown license plate.

“Prior to the forced entrance into the business, the suspect recklessly over-accelerated in the parking lot in a circular fashion,” Anderson said. “This reckless driving seemed to be an act of frivolity and to be done on purpose for an unknown reason.”

The Juab County Sheriff’s office has not yet identified the suspect and is asking that anyone who may have information that will aid in the identity, location and apprehension of this suspect, to please contact the Juab County Sheriff’s office at 435-623-1344.