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  • Steele will serve as Grand Marshal of Mammoth Parade

Robert Steele

Robert “Bob” Steele, The Holy Moses Mayor, has been selected to serve as the Grand Marshal of the Mammoth Parade on Saturday, July 13.

Robert was born May 5, 1936 in Nephi and has lived in this community his whole life.

During his time in Nephi he has been involved with public service as a city councilman, mayor-pro-tempore, and mayor, as well as a county commissioner. During his time in these different offices, he has had many opportunities to interact with a great abundance of citizens in the community as well as high profile public figures, (generally being liked) for the most part.

He served as Nephi City Mayor during the floods of 1983-1984 and as such oversaw the devastation that was caused. One young railroad worker at the time of this flooding, Chad Winn, said that as the Union Pacific lines were engulfed and severely flooded at the fairgrounds, the Nephi City Mayor was coming down to assess the damages. He recalls thinking " I wonder what kind of great insight the mayor will give?

Just as Bob showed up, he got out of his pickup truck and said "Holy Moses! This is a mess!" This, as well as countless other references, is where he was nicknamed "The Holy Moses Mayor”.

Bob has always had an ability to make light of a serious situation which brings comfort to those in panic or might be afraid. The floods were quite scary, though, and in another instance he had to lead a crew of city workers and volunteers under Main Street where the creek goes beneath the road,. They had to wade in hip to shoulder depth water to pull debris allowing flow to continue and flooding of the surrounding to dissipate. He managed to get an emergency dam built in the flooded river of Salt Creek in order to stop and prevent more gravel from flowing downstream and depositing on the city-owned Canyon Hills Golf Course.

Subsequently, after these floods, he oversaw the building of a gravel catch basin reservoir at Jenkins Flat as well as a reservoir in Salt Creek Canyon dubbed "Bob's Pond" in order to have protection from future flooding.

It' s difficult and too much to write all the good that has been brought to this community because of his vision, leadership, friendship, courage, and ever enduring optimism. He truly has over a lifetime of service a record that one cannot dispute. Everywhere he goes someone says "hello Bob." He really is quite the remarkable man and has earned the title of Grand-Marshal for the Mammoth Parade during the Ute Stampede. We will forever remember his genius and optimism for generations.