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  • Biggest crowd ever at the Demolition Derby; winners announced

JUAB COUNTY DEMOLITION DERBY A SUCCESS • This year's Derby drew almost 9,000 spectators and unlike last year's performance, the weather was perfect. Lots of action for the crowd that included cars being overturned and radiators being set off like geysers.
Photos, Jason Gibson and Sarah Gibson

Nearly 9,000 spectators crowded into the Juab County Fairgrounds Arena August 11 for the 10th Annual Demolition Derby. No rain or wind in sight at this year's event, and the action was as hot as the outside temperature.
Following is a list of this year's overall winners:
1st,  Kenny Keller, $5,000; 2nd, Scott Abbott,  $3,000; 3rd,  Tim Beesley, $1,100; 4th,  Dave Abbott, $500; 5th, Colton Coates, $400; 6th,  Laura Shields, $300; and 7th,  Kevin Jacobsen, $250.
Truck Heat: 1st,  Tyrel Kessler,  $1,500; 2nd,  Hayden Marble, $700; 3rd,  Torry Coombs, $300.
Truck Heat Wipeout Winner: Tyson Hammons, $500.
80's Heat Main Qualifiers: Colter Allen, $500; Tim Beesley,  $500;Kevin Jacobsen,  $500; Riley Shelley,  $500.
Powder Puff: 1st Laura Shields,  $500; 2nd, Whitney Wilson,  $200; 3rd, McKell Mcpherson,  $100.
Grudge Match Winners: Terri Butcher,  $300;Javier Martinez,  $300.
Most Aggressive Driver of the Night: Colton Coates, $1,000 + 4 Tires donated by Nephi Big-O Tires.
Best Paint Job: Brian Anderson, $100.
Hard Luck Driver: Adam McDermaid, $50.
To celebrate our 10th year, all past champions participated in the opening ceremony and received a Past Champ jacket donated by MJC Inc.