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Police arrest suspect in auto burglaries

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Several auto burglaries in Nephi have been solved by police.
"Over the past two months several people have reported auto-burglaries in Nephi," said John Shepherd, Nephi City Police Officer.
Daniel Joseph Mitchell, a 28-year old male, was arrested and booked into Juab County Jail on charges of auto burglary following a thorough investigation into each one of the incidents.
On August 8, 2012 with the assistance of Adult Parole and Probation an adult male suspect was located and arrested.
"Daniel Mitchell admitted to committing several auto-burglaries on the northeast side of Nephi," said Shepherd. "The suspect was also linked to stealing a rifle out of a truck."
Mitchell was cooperative with law enforcement and led officers to the location where he hid the stolen rifle. The firearm was identified by the owner as the one stolen from his truck in July.
The suspect was linked to over 20 auto-burglaries which occurred between June and August.
Most of the items stolen from vehicles, besides the rifle, consisted of money in the form of loose change. The money was found in the center consoles or ashtrays.
Mitchell also admitted to stealing a camera and an iPod.
"The suspect was on foot and the crimes were committed during the late night or early morning hours," said Shepherd. "He targeted unlocked vehicles parked on the streets or in driveways."
He was arrested and booked into the Juab County Jail.
Please contact the Nephi City Police if you have been a victim of an auto-burglary in Nephi during this time frame, June to August 2012 and if you have not reported it.
Contact Officer Shepherd at 435-623-1626.