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  • County will waive fees for junior rodeo, but will consider changing policy

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

It was determined that the Central Utah Junior Rodeo, held at the fairgrounds from July 19-20, would not need to pay the ambulance fee as charged earlier.
After the event was held, a bill was sent to Casy Winn, as the organization's representative for the event. Winn protested because the fee had not been charged in the past and the junior rodeo was non-profit.
Juab County Commissioners made the decision on Monday in the absence of Chad Winn, commission chairman, who is the father of Casy and had said that he would not be part of the decision or the discussion.
Rick Carlton, acted as chair in Winn's absence.
He first suggested tabling the question until the full commission could be present.
"I'm not sure that tabling the issue would make a difference," said Byron Woodland, commissioner. "There are certain times when the commission needs to make adjustments."
Since Winn would not participate in the decision to be made, it was just as well for the two remaining commissioners to make the decision, Woodland said.
"I think we should remove the charge based on the fact that the organization was non-profit and was a youth activity taking place in our facilities," said Carlton. "This is a one time exception."
Woodland agreed and stated that the county needed to make a policy for the fee charged by the ambulance for such activities and the particulars governing such charges.
The junior rodeo program involves kids age 2 to 17.
The recent rodeo had participants from the fifth grade through junior high and the East Juab Ambulance Association provided service at the county arena for approximately nine hours on two days.
Casy Winn told commissioners that he was later given a bill for $1,000 for those two days which came as a surprise since they had not been charged prior to that time.
Pat Ingram, county clerk/auditor, said that the ambulance does charge $1,000 a day for money-making events such as the races held at Cherry Creek. That may have been where the idea to charge for the junior rodeo came from.
The EMS association provides non-emergency stand-by for events such as sports events, rodeos, demolition derbies, fireworks displays and other events.
Carlton said the commission had been considering a policy but that he was not yet ready to adopt one.
He suggested the commission table consideration of the policy.
"We can go back and analyze the fees," he said.
A decision on the policy can now be considered and, at a later date, a proposal will be made on what fees should be charged, when those fees are to be charged and if there are to be exceptions for activities that are non-profit.
Other nearby counties do work out something with EMS to provide non-emergency standby service and usually at no cost. Mt. Pleasant, Delta and Fillmore all had policies for dealing with fees charged to non-profit organizations for such services.