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  • Planning commission being kept busy with several proposed projects

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Most of the report from the city planning commission on the monthly update of proposals for a variety of projects was not to be released to the public but a few items could be discussed in the public forum of council meeting.

One item that was free for discussion was the need of the city to gather information on how many lots were still available for building inside city limits.

“We need to gather that information,” said Glenn Greenhalgh, city planning commission chairman.

He said that the city council and city planning commission needed to look at the initial growth area where the city had already planned for annexation.

“We need to have some idea about transportation,” he said.

It was time to plan for the future so that the city could be prepared.

He said that the development review committee the city had in place was highly valuable. A developer could talk to that committee and lay plans for the future of a project that would go more smoothly because of that step in planning.

“It is a good step that we have taken,” said Greenhalgh. “It is a good practice because it saves time and is more efficient.”

One project in early planning stages is a hotel that would allow conferences to be held there.

Gas and water would need to be added to the city utilities delivery system in order to allow construction.

“The city planning commission is busy right now,” said Greenhalgh.

There were many projects that were requiring work on the part of the planning commission but most of them were still not open for public discussion.

Some topics should be taken into executive session and should not be on the open agenda.

Can a board add an executive session to an agenda after the meeting has started, even if the executive session wasn’t included on the original meeting posting?

The short answer is yes. The chair must read out loud the statutory authority that allows the topic to be discussed in executive session, and the purpose for the session.

“At our last meeting we had the longest agenda we have had in 40 years,” said Greenhalgh. “We had two public hearings.”

One was the Brown Public Hearing, the other was the Tanning Public Hearing.

They also discussed as agenda items the CVMC (Central Valley Medical Center) site plan, the NVP (National Vinyl Products) site plan, Ensign Subdivision, Park Place, Valencia Preliminary Plat, Larsen Site Plan, Choice Hardware Site Plan, Home Occupation Permits and a Transportation Study.

“Central Valley Medical Center is planning an addition to the north side of the building,” Greenhalgh said.

He said that NVP is also wanting to add to the building. The company had needed to address some drainage problems.

Choice Hardware wants to add a shed on the west of the building. When Ludlow’s owned the store, there was a shed in the area where the new one is being proposed.