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  • Mona City will consider renewing franchise agreement with CentraCom

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

George Lee and Paul Peckham from CentraCom came before the city council to discuss renewing the franchise agreement the company has with Mona City.

“The franchise will need to be reviewed by September 6,” said Lee.

He said that the renewal would be for 15 years and that the company would like to have the agreement signed before the expiration date.

The old agreement had been with Mower and was made in 2004.

Lee stated that minor changes had been made to the proposed agreement as far as wording from the original but that the agreement was basically the same as the old agreement.

“We now provide customers with 248 channel fiber which now comes from Gunnison,” said Lee.

Digital cable is the distribution of cable television using digital video compression for distribution. Cable companies converted to digital systems during the 2000s, around the time that television signals were converted to the digital HDTV standard, which was not compatible with earlier analog cable systems.

In addition to providing higher resolution HD video, digital cable systems provide expanded services such as pay-per-view programming, cable internet access and cable telephone services. Most digital cable signals are encrypted, which reduced the high incidence of cable theft which occurred in analog systems.

Digital cable technology has allowed cable providers to compress video channels so that they take up less frequency space and to offer various two-way communication capabilities. This has enabled digital cable providers to offer more channels, video on demand services (without use of a telephone line), telephone services, high speed internet services, and interactive television services.

It is a 750 MHz system, he said.

“There is fiber in the old part of town,” he said.

Peckham said that the company had several people connect to the cable internet the company provided.

“We have chosen fiber as the way to connect and will provide fiber to homes,” said Peckham. “Cable modem will allow customers to get up to 100 megs anywhere in town.”

The proposed franchise agreement would be for another 15 years.

Lee said that CentraCom would like to settle the agreement before the expiration date in September.

“Our meetings in September are on September 11 and 25,” said Bill Mills, mayor.

He said that the city would have their attorney, Kasey Wright, look over the agreement and give them his opinion.

They would be in contact with Lee and would set a date for the finalization of the agreement if Wright approved the language and terms.>