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  • Mona City prefers residents living outside of city limits annex before receiving city utilities

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Mona would prefer that those outside the city limits, where they are contingent to the city, annex before receiving utilities.

Lynn Ingram, city planning commission chairman, said that Don and Gerard Yates are having problems with their water well and were wondering if they might be allowed to connect to the city culinary system.

“The planning commission said that they might consider annexing to the city in order to get culinary water,” said Ingram. “They would also need to dedicate well water to the system.”

They were told that was the “cleanest way” for the city to provide services, he said.

Five to six landowners would need to be consulted, he said.

The water line leading to the property is a 6-inch line. The city requires an 8-inch line. However, he said, there is a fire hydrant on the line.

“When the line was put in, it was substandard and it is still substandard,” said Ingram.

He said that after the Yates were told that they should consider annexation they said that they would need to consider all the ramifications before determining what they would do.

Lynn said that, even though the Yates may decide not to annex, the planning commission thought that the council should still know about the discussion which took place at planning commission meeting.