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By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

In July, the city solicited sealed bids, in accordance with the city’s purchasing policy, for a contract to reconstruct 1250 North.

“The road has been in dire need of maintenance prior to the preparation work done in the nearby Chapel View subdivision,” said Seth Atkinson, city administrator. “The work done in the Chapel View subdivision to connect utilities has exacerbated the need for road repair.”

He said that the Painter family, developers of the subdivision, had agreed to allow more property to go to the road which would make it wider on that side of the roadway.

Nephi City Council members approved awarding the bid to Bennett Paving & Construction with a unanimous vote.

The road was already in terrible condition and cutting through the pavement for utility connections for the subdivision had only made it worse.

“The road was in sore need of repair even before the subdivision construction,” said Atkinson.

He said that the council had earlier decided that a rebuild on 1250 North in conjunction with the new paving in the Chapel View subdivision would be the best route to take.

“The city received four bids for reconstruction of 1250 North from Main Street to 400 East,” he said. “The staff recommends approving the contract award to Bennett Paving & Construction for the 1250 North Road Reconstruction Project.”

Kyle Marchant, public works director, was also involved in the process.

“Bennett Paving & Construction was the lowest responsible bidder and are based out of Mona,” said Atkinson.

The initial contract price for the Bennett Paving bid is $376,685.90, and is based upon unit bid prices and estimated quantities.

“That bid was near the engineer’s estimate and is below the other bids we received,” said Atkinson.

The final contract price will be determined in accordance with conditions of the contract, he said.

Nathan Memmott, council member, said that he had discussed relocating a pole on the north side of the road by Hunter Meadows Subdivision with Atkinson and would like to see the electric utility pole moved before the rest of the street was done.

“I would like them to move the pole and relocate it now before the road work is finished,” he said.

It only made sense to him, he said, to do the work all at once rather than wait until more property was developed before the pole was moved.

Atkinson said the work would need to be done by the city. The pole was the property of Utah Power and Light and the city would need to stand the expense of moving it which would add to the cost of the project.

Memmott said that the asphalt work should not be that expensive because it was only about 15 feet for half a block.

City crews would do the work of moving the pole so it would not add to the contract for that work.

Council members decided to discuss the proposal of Memmott’s in work session and all agreed that they could vote to approve the contract.

“We can discuss this and then, if needed, we can make a change,” said Justin Seely, mayor pro tempore.

Skip Worwood, council member, said that the city council could always request a change order later.

Kent Jones, council member, asked if the city had to award the bid to the lowest bidder.

“Unless there is a compelling reason not to accept the lowest bid, you do,” said Atkinson. “It has to be a compelling reason and you have to make a case.”

Kasey Wright, city attorney, said that such a compelling reason might be that the city had worked with a certain contractor before with a poor outcome.

At that point, the council agreed to approve the contract.

“That is fast becoming a collector street,” said Don Ball, resident.

“Since you approved the contract, the work is expected to begin shortly,” said Atkinson. “Funding for the project will be in the Capital Projects Fund shared between Street Improvements and Street Rehabilitation.”

The contractor will be notified that they are the successful bidder and are awarded the contract for the project.

Bennett Paving & Construction must comply with the following conditions within 15 days of the date Bennett’s receive the Notice of Award.

They will deliver to the city one fully executed Notice of Award and will deliver with the executed contract the security bonds and certificates of insurance as specified in the Instructions to bidders. Within ten days after Bennett Paving complies with the conditions, the will return to them one fully executed counterpart of the Notice of Award.