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LABOR DAY FUN AT YUBA • Yuba Reservoir was, like many areas in Juab County, very popular this past weekend even considering the rain. Above, boaters were taking advantage of the morning sun on Monday morning to get one more boat and Wave Runner ride on the last big weekend of summer. The reservoir is only 25% full after the summer draw-down and judging by the high water marks on the island in the backgound about 20 feet or so from the full mark.

MATHESON VISITS STUDENTS AT JHS • Last Thursday, Utah 4th District Congressman Jim Matheson visited two JHS history classes and fielded some questions about our government, current issues, and concerns students have with our world today. Questions ranged from the the U.S.'s involvement in Syria to what was his most embarrassing moment. Matheson was very impressed with students' knowledge of current issues and pleased by the wide range of questions asked.