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  • Heroic acts of bus driver credited in saving lives of JSD students involved in bus accident


By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

A local school bus driver was injured in an accident on SR-28 on Sept.6.

At 3:15 p.m. Wednesday, Juab County Emergency Services and the Utah Highway Patrol were dispatched to an accident involving a Juab School District bus on State Road-28 between Nephi and Levan on what is referred to locally as “the Ridge.”

A GMC Yukon pulling a camp trailer was traveling north on SR-28 near mile marker 33.5. The truck and trailer began to sway back and forth pulling the vehicle out of its travel lane. A Juab School District bus was traveling south at the same location.

“The side of the camp trailer struck the front of the school bus causing damage to both vehicles,” said a UHP press release.

Cory Housekeeper, UHP Sgt., said that Steven Peterson, bus driver, a 61 year old male from Levan, was injured in the crash. He received injuries to his head and face.

“The driver was transported by ambulance to the Central Valley Medical Center where he was later flown to Utah Valley Hospital for treatment with serious injuries,” said UHP.

Beth Wicham, SUV driver, a 63 year old female from West Jordan, and Rodney Wicham, passenger in the SUV, a 66 year old male from West Jordan, were not injured.

All students were evaluated and treated as needed, Housekeeper said.

“One student was transported by ambulance and two by personal vehicles to Central Valley Medical Center with minor injuries,” said UHP.

In all, said Dr. Rick Robins, superintendent of Juab School District, six students and the bus driver were injured.

Robins confirmed the injuries via Twitter.

“One student had a broken arm,” Robins said.

Another bus was brought to the scene of the crash and the remaining students were transferred to this bus and taken home as normal.


Juab School District communicated with the parents of the children who were on the bus.

Witnesses reported that there was a good Samaritan handing out water bottles to the children. He was later identified as Dalon Horner of Nephi.

SR 28 between Nephi and Levan was closed due to the crash. Juab County Sheriff’s Office officials were asking drivers to use an alternate route. They suggested that drivers use Interstate 15.

Dustin Peterson, son of the bus driver, gave an update on his dad via Facebook stating that Steve underwent surgery to fix the damage to his face. He said that S. Peterson was responsive and talking and repeatedly asked about the welfare of the students on the bus.

Robins shared his thoughts about the accident via WordPress.com and thanked UHP, Juab County EMTs, Juab County Sheriff, Nephi Police Department, Levan Ambulance and others for their response and medical treatment of those involved in the accident.

“They were all amazing! In the midst of mass chaos today, there were special people that performed heroic acts. I know they would say that they were only doing what anyone would do in the same situation or just doing their jobs. Small and large, bottom line, these acts saved the lives of our children, and I want to recognize them and thank them on behalf of the students on the bus, their families, and JSD,” he said.

JSD is providing counseling support to those who may need it after this traumatic event. Robins asked that parents monitor their children for symptoms of injuries that may arise post accident.

“I want to end this post by telling our students in the accident how much we love you!” said Robins. “We are so proud of your courageous actions to react, stay safe, and then help each other through a tough situation. You are all heroes too!”