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  • County adopts new ordinance that creates a Community Development and Renewal Agency

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The Juab County Community Development and Renewal Agency was recently created by ordinance.
Monday, October 7, the Juab County Commission adopted the new ordinance which was approved to create the agency.
"The ordinance creates and establishes the Community Development and Renewal Agency and designates the members of the Juab County Commission as the governing body and grants the agency all authority as provided for by state law," said Rick Carlton, commissioner.
The ordinance will take effect on October 22.
In 2007, the Utah State Legislature defined three types of project areas that redevelopment agencies in Utah can create. One project area type is called an "Urban Renewal Area" (or "URA"), which is similar to traditional project areas.
Two newer types of project areas designated by the Utah State Legislature are known as a "Community Development Area" (or "CDA"), and an "Economic Development Area" (or "EDA").
Juab County Commissioners have settled on a CDA for the county.
Randall S. Feil, a Bountiful based attorney, contracted with Juab County to serve as the attorney to help the county form the community development agency.
"The ordinance was prepared by outside counsel, Attorney Feil," said Carlton. "Jared Eldridge, county attorney, worked with him."
A community development agency is a not-for-profit organization incorporated to provide programs, offer services and engage in other activities that promote and support economic development.
The agency was not being designed for a specific piece of property or any specific area of the county, Carlton said.
Such agencies, by definition, usually serve a geographic location such as a county or community and can be involved in a variety of activities including economic development designed to promote and draw business that will create economic vitality.
At the first commission meeting in August, Glenn Greenhalgh, county planning director, said that such an agency would be of great benefit to the county in working to develop the local economy.
The primary goal of such an agency is to promote economic growth and stability by supporting existing businesses and attracting new businesses.
"Adopting this ordinance is the first step in creating a CDA," said Carlton.
A complete copy of the ordinance is available for the public to review in the office of the county clerk/auditor, Pat Ingram.
Legislation changed the legal name of agencies from "Redevelopment Agencies" to "Community Development and Renewal Agencies."
Community Development provides a flexible alternative to the more rigid Urban Renewal and Economic Development tracks.