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  • 911 system needs to be updated and snow plow purchased for jail

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

A new 911 update is needed at the Juab County Jail and a snow plow needs to be purchased.
Alden Orme, county sheriff, said that the 911 system was outdated and that parts could no longer be purchased when they were needed. That left only one solution, replace the system with a new one.
"It is no longer supported," said Orme. "We have been working to obtain a grant to fund a new system."
He said the grant they were working to obtain was a 100-percent grant and was for $229,615.10.
He had been working to get the grant from the state communications committee. Each phone bill a consumer pays has a certain small percent that goes into this fund that can later be used for keeping the 911 system functional.
"It is a long process," said Orme.
However, along with the grant, if received, the county jail will also need to update the phone system through CenturyLink.
"That is not covered through the grant and will cost approximately $19,256.94," he said.
He will have money in the budget next year but would need to have permission to order the phone system this year if the grant goes through.
"It would need to be ordered so that it could be installed at the same time," he said.
The phone system would allow video and text for 911. It would also make the entire building compatible with 911—the jail and administrative offices.
Today, people communicate with each other in ways that the designers of the original 911 system could not have envisioned: wireless phones, text messages, smartphones, video chat, Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled devices, with more on the way.
The National 911 Program, in coordinating the efforts of states, technology providers, public safety officials, 911 professionals and other groups, seeks to ensure a smooth, reliable and cost-effective transition to a 911 system that takes advantage of new communications technologies to enhance public safety nationwide.
"Some of the mandates that are coming, we will have to comply with and the new 911 system and the new phone system will put us in good shape," he said.
He said that 911 was the critical system.
"We need to buy a snow plow that will fit an older Bronco that we have," said Orme.
He said the public safety building was large and the ATV that they had been using to plow snow there was inadequate to do the job.
"The state bid for the plow is $3,324.80," said Orme. "If you approve the purchase it can come out of my budget."
The snow plow was approved and the new phone system, which will be needed if the grant comes through for the 911 update, was also approved to be paid from next year's budget when the new budget is completed at the first of the year.