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  • Nephi Lion's Club would like to build bowery near new county courthouse

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The Nephi Lions Club would like to join with Juab County in building a bowery on the new courthouse property which is also near other civic buildings in the city.
Robert Painter and Mike Brown, representing the Lions Club, said that members of the club had wanted, for quite some time, to build a bowery close to the center of town. With the courthouse being built directly behind the county building, the time seemed right to construct such a facility.
"We have two drawings," said Painter.
One was a rectangle and the other an octagon.
Chad Winn, commission chairman, said that he favored the rectangle building design.
"I prefer the rectangle bowery design myself," said Byron Woodland, commissioner.
Painter said that they had met with Rick Carlton, commissioner, and had discussed possible locations near the courthouse. They had then discussed those sites with those in charge of the construction of the courthouse.
"The contractor said that the one area, next to the parking lot, would just be a grassy area and it would take about as much preparation to get it ready for grass as it would to get the ground ready to pour concrete," said Painter.
The bowery areas discussed are approximately 25-feet by 35-feet.
The southwest corner of the two-block complex would likely be the best site, said Painter. It would be within 100-yards of the county building, the city building, the city recreation center, the ambulance/fire station, and the courthouse. All of those employees might enjoy the bowery and give it the heavy use the Lions Club membership was hoping for.
"During the Ute Stampede, the horseshoe pit is heavily used," said Painter.
With approximately 125 people throwing during that period of time, the bowery may be even more attractive.
"One thing Commissioner Carlton would like to see is the bowery construction use the same brick that is being used on the county courthouse so it would blend," said Painter.
That would make the bowery look as though it were planned for the site and was not just an afterthought.
Members of the club thought that a steel roof would also be the best material to use for that purpose.
Construction could also use either steel or wooden framing.
"Would this be on city property?" asked Byron Woodland, commissioner.
Winn said that the property would be part of the land designated as courthouse property.
Painter said that, while some funds could come from the Lions Club, the county would also need to help pay for construction.
"We see the Lions Club being the leg men," said Painter. "We would see it through and would see it completed."
Painter said the guesstimate for the facility would be between $13,000 to $18,000 with $4,000 for the concrete and the work of installing it.
"Volunteers from the Lions Club could also help and that would save a bit also," said Painter.
Winn said that Val Jones was building a bowery at the county fairgrounds but that Jones bought components and then installed them.
"I would be supportive of such a project," said Woodland. "But I would like to see some firm figures."
Winn said that he agreed and thought that figures were needed before the project could be approved.
"Commissioner Carlton contacted me and asked me to express his thanks and appreciation for the Lions Club," said Mike Seely, county administrator.
Carlton wanted the members of the club to know how much the many projects they had taken on and completed for the community were appreciated. Among those, he said, was the veterans memorial and the antique farm equipment outdoor museum.