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  • Council to meet with RCAC analyst about water rate model

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The company who is compiling a detailed water rate analysis, Rural Community Assistance Corporation or RCAC, for Nephi City wants to meet with the council.

“They would like to send their analyst out to speak with the council about the rate model,” said Mark Jones, mayor.

He said that the model will soon be completed and RCAC would like to show the proposal that the staff and RCAC has put together for adjusting water rates.

The company’s representative is available on October 30.

The Council has a workshop scheduled the prior Tuesday, October 24.

“Workshop is the new name for our work sessions,” said Jones.

He said that Seth Atkinson, city administrator, who was on vacation, wanted to know if the council would agree to hold the meeting on the Monday rather than on Tuesday.

“We wanted to see if the council would be open to the option of moving that workshop to Monday, October 30. Halloween falls on that fifth Tuesday so it seemed that the Monday may work better,” said Jones.

Greg Rowley, council member, said that, traditionally, meetings which could not be held on Tuesdays were moved to Wednesdays rather than Mondays.

He suggested that the council direct Kyle Marchant, Nephi City Public Works Director, to find out if the meeting could be held on Wednesday, November 1 rather than October 30.

“If he is not able to reschedule, would you all agree to meet on October 30?” asked Jones.

It was agreed that Marchant would be tasked with trying to move the meeting date but, failing that, the council would go ahead and meet on Monday.4>