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October 14, 2020



  • Tomato company wants out of agreement on road work; Mona City should be notified of request

By Myrna Trauntvein
TN Correspondent

Cow Lane, which feeds into 200 North in Mona, has been asphalted but Houweling’s would like to be released from an agreement with the county to do road work on 200 North.

Phase I of the secondary natural gas gate station, metering and regulation station and pipeline construction to build a redundant gas pipeline that will feed East Juab County is also completed.

Gavin Haladay, representing Houweling’s Tomatoes, attended Juab County Commission meeting via telephone because he could not attend in person.

“Cow Lane, in conjunction with Nephi City, has been completed,” said Ryan Peters, Juab County Attorney.

In the original agreement between Houweling’s, Nephi and Juab County, it was also contemplated that Houweling’s would be involved in finishing road work on 200 North where a redundant gas line is being installed.

“Houweling’s would like to be released from the agreement on 200 North,” said Peters.

The street once was a county road but that was no longer the case.

“It is no longer a county road,” said Peters. “It was released to Mona City and the road now belongs to them.”

Nephi City will put in a T-patch, said Peters.

Approximately 50 linear foot (LF) of 3 inch and 550 LF of 8 inch, high pressure natural gas transmission main is being built from an existing 3 inch transfer flange located in Dominion Energy’s gas yard at the Rocky Mountain Power Currant Creek plant near Mona.

A linear foot is a 12-inch measurement of length, where the item’s width and height don’t matter.

The new transmission line will travel to a new gate station just north of Houweling’s Tomatoes’ greenhouses.

A separate 150 LF 4 inch high pressure distribution main will run from the new gate station to a new metering station for Houweling’s Tomatoes just west of the new gate.

“I don’t know if Mona is aware of this request,” said Peters. “The county doesn’t have any assets to offer anymore.”

Phase II of construction will install a natural gas 8 inch steel high pressure distribution line from the Phase 1 gate station down to a valve yard near the intersection of Old Highway 91 and 200 North in Mona City and then hot tap into a nearby existing 8 inch high pressure steel pipeline, 11,000 LF of pipe, directional drill 830 LF under a creek and 100 LF bore under a railroad, construct small valve yard and 8 IN steel hot tie-in.

Lynn Ingram, county road superintendent, said that three years ago, Mona had made application to have the road transferred from county jurisdiction to city jurisdiction.

He said that Mona should know that the city street was no longer under county supervision but that he would check.

“It would have been a courtesy for Mona to have been notified,” said Byron Woodland, county commissioner.

Richard Hansen, acting commission chairman in commission chairman, Clinton Painter’s absence, requested that Ingram check and find out if Mona City is aware of Houweling’s request.

Peters said that Painter was to have contacted Mona City officials but, since he was out of town, no one was certain if that had been done or not.

“The three-way agreement is not operative anymore,” said Peters, “because the county does not have any road ownership or jurisdiction anymore.”

Houweling’s could be removed from the agreement without effect, he said. However, Mona should be made aware of the move by the tomato growing company to cancel the agreement.

Woodland said that he would move to table the request until the next commission meeting to be held in two week’s time. on October 19. Hansen agreed and the request was tabled.