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  • Veteran's Memorial in Mona is in first stage of planning process

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

A veterans' memorial is in the planning stages for Mona and will be built at the city cemetery.
Hal Newton, as spokesman, and a group of 15 residents met with the council to receive permission to use a section of the cemetery for construction of a 40-foot by 80-foot memorial.
Newton said he had obtained the plans that Santaquin used for their memorial. He thought, as did his group of supporters, that it could serve as a model, with some modifications, for the Mona memorial.
"We will adjust the model so it will be unique to Mona," said Newton.
Mayor Bill Mills said that they should talk to Everd Squire and Ed Newton about the best location for the veterans memorial.
Frank Riding, council member, wondered if an area, in the west of the cemetery, near a tree, would be a good location for the monument.
Newton said he was thinking that moving the monument closer to the middle of the cemetery would provide the best location.
"This is something that I have wanted for years," said Riding.
Mills said that several scouts, working toward gaining an Eagle, had been interested in the project but it was just too much work. The city had wanted such a monument for several years.
"Give them whatever land they need," said Mike Stringer, council member.
Newton said that it had cost Santaquin between $60,000 and $100,000 to build the veterans' memorial in that community.
They would get the concrete first and then work toward getting the marble.
The plan is to get the community together and seek support for the construction. The group also will set up accounts where contributions can be gathered.
"Let's get the land dedicated," said Mills.
The group wants the memorial to be a nice place where families can gather to pay their respects to the veterans and to enjoy the peace of the place.
Mills also suggested that the committee might want to make some signs advertising the project.
"We can create an event too," said Riding.
As an Eagle Scout project, a 5-K run has been planned for Memorial Day this year. That would be a great fund-raising project.
Another fund raising project could be selling yellow ribbons for girl's hair.
Michelle Dalton, city secretary, will also advertise the fund-raising need on the city newsletter.
"We have been talking about this for three years," said Newton. "We decided that now is the time."
As for dedicating the area, said Riding, that should not be a problem.
"It is still city property," he said. "It is not like we are giving it away."
The memorial will grace the city cemetery and will add to its appeal.
All council members agreed that the project was one they could support.
"I think it is a great idea," said Jonathan Jones, council member.
He said that the information about the proposal could be placed on the city website to gain even more attention.
Molli Graham, council member, said she thought the memorial committee should be congratulated.
Mills said that some veterans' names had already been gathered and had been posted at the cemetery. In addition, he said, those in charge of building the memorial constructed in Nephi, would likely have names of Mona residents who had served in the military.
The Santaquin monument's design incorporates five bronze statues, flags and includes veterans' names.
Each statue and its flag represents one of the five branches of the armed services. One female statue represents the women veterans.