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Mona council members report on ongoing projects

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

All the main trunk lines to the sewer system are now in place, road repair will wait until spring, fuel storage tanks are in place, the water line at the shed is in, the bulletin board cover is to be completed, and the large Christmas sign will be connected to electricity.
In addition, a fence to enclose equipment is in at the sewer plant. The project will protect the sensitive equipment from harm.
Mona City Council members had a lot of small items they needed to clear up before the meeting closed on Tuesday so they addressed a number of items in the council member section of the meeting.
Mona Mayor Bill Mills said that he was happy to report to the council that the final work had been completed and that all of the main sewer lines were in the street.
"It seems like a long time coming," said Mills, "but the work is now completed. There are still residents who need to hook into the main lines but they can now all do that."
The applications for those seeking grants to help build the lateral line, from their house connection to the street connection, are now due. Following those application reviews, others will only be considered on a case by case basis.
Mills said that there were income criteria which must be met before a grant can be given to a homeowner to complete the work.
"There are still some repairs that need to be made," said Mills.
As for any problems with settling of the streets, the repairs for those will now have to wait for spring. However, he said, he considered that was good because all of the settling will have been done and construction will then be helpful.
"The temperature also needs to be right in order to do the work," said Mills. "The road surface had to be at a high enough temperature for the work to actually set up."
There had also been a couple of water leaks, coming from the old galvanized pipes in the street which are used to carry culinary water. Many of those lines had been upgraded to PVC pipe but there were still areas needing to be replaced.
One of those leaks had required repair just recently, said Mills.
Allen Pay, water master, had to replace and repair pipe near the LDS church located at approximately 100 West, said Mills.
"There are a couple of pot holes that we will likely put road base in," he said. "The major repairs will need to wait until spring."
The new covering for the city bulletin board located near the post office, was ready to be installed.
"All the fuel tanks are in at the equipment shed and are ready to go," said Mike Stringer, council member. "This is a good thing for the city equipment because they can fuel up here in town."
"We are also tickled about the
new snow plow," he said. "Tne is also in at the shed and we can wash the salt off of the truck."he water li
The other truck is also "good to go," he said.
The Christmas sign, which the city purchased this year, will soon be connected to the electricity and can be installed, said Frank Riding, council member.