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  • Nephi City approves purchase of Heritage Hills by new owner

By Myrna Trauntvein
TImes-News Correspondent

Heritage Hills will now be owned by Beaver Valley Hospital.

Nephi City Council authorized the mayor to sign an agreement with Beaver Valley Hospital for the purchase of Heritage Hills nursing facility at city council meeting on Tuesday.

Heritage Hills is located at 1100 North 400 East in Nephi.

“In the work session on November 28, the council was able to speak with an individual representing Beaver Hospital on the issue of purchasing a nursing home in Nephi,” said Seth Atkinson, city administrator.

At that meeting, Blaine Bernard, representing Beaver Hospital, spoke about the requirement for Nephi City to approve the purchase of a nursing facility owned by Beaver Hospital but in the Nephi City limits before the transaction could take place.

“I think he addressed most of your questions about the transaction,” said Atkinson.

According to state law, Beaver Hospital is required to seek city approval before the purchase can proceed.

“Based on the information shared at the work session, the staff does not have a concern about the purchase and there will be no fiscal impact on city taxes,” said Atkinson.

At the request of the city council, Kasey Wright, city attorney, has spoken with representatives at Central Valley Medical Center, the local hospital, and they indicated to him that they do not have concerns about the purchase.

“Since our hospital is not government owned, they do not have the capability of doing what Beaver Hospital is doing at Heritage Hills,” said Mayor Mark Jones. “Beaver Hospital is owned by Beaver City.”

Heritage Hills Rehabilitation and Care Center is a healthcare provider in Central Utah. They have been serving as a healthcare provider for more than 30 years.

The facility is currently run by Avalon Health Care Group, said Atkinson.

“The practices at Heritage Hills will not change,” said Atkinson. “Avalon will continue to run and operate the facility.”

Heritage Hills provides post-acute rehabilitation, extended skilled nursing and specialized memory care.

The agreement allows Beaver Valley Hospital, a municipal hospital existing under the laws of the State of Utah and under the provisions of the Beaver City Code, to operate nursing care facilities including Heritage Hills Rehabilitation and Care Center within Nephi.

Utah Code states that any city of the third, fourth, or fifth class which operates a hospital which owns a nursing care facility located in another city, town, or county must have an agreement with the city, town, or county where the nursing facility is located.

“We do want to support the operation of nursing facilities in the city,” said Jones.

The agreement states that Beaver Hospital may operate nursing care facilities within the city and that they will comply with all state licensure and legal requirements.

Beaver Hospital will discharge patients to nursing facilities operated by them in Nephi consistent with past practices and in accordance with applicable law and regulation, will obtain and retain a city business license for all of its operations within Nephi, will accept and understand its responsibilities under a city business license including payment of fees, required reporting and inspections, and compliance with municipal ordinances.

Property taxes will continue.

Nathan Memmott, city council member, inquired about the money brought in by operation of the facility.

Atkinson said that the money will be treated as reinvestment funds and will stay with the facility.