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  • Mona City general plan presentation will be held on December 11th

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

At Mona City council meeting to be held December 11, the city council will have the opportunity of accepting the new city general plan.

All the proper steps have been taken, said Bill Mills, mayor.

“The general plan presentation will be held at council meeting on December 11, our next council meeting,” he said.

Urban Planning International LLC, headed by Dr. Michael Clay, a Brigham Young University professor of Urban Planning, will be ready to present the final plan to the city by that date.

Developing the general plan for Mona has been a process and was needed to determine community goals and aspirations in terms of community development so the 1980s era general plan could be replaced.

“They told us our general plan would be ready in December,” said Mills, “and it will be.”

He said that the plan was to be presented to the city planning commission and then it would be finalized and made ready for the city council.

Urban Planning LLC, Inc, the BYU Firm updating the Mona City’s General Plan, presented the seven areas of concern to the public for input.

Clay and BYU students working on Mona City’s General Plan presented seven areas as follows: Environment, Transportation, Annexation, Land Use, Historic Preservation, Housing, Public Facilities and Economic Development.

“They hoped to get the general plan through the adoption process before their semester is over; the last day of class is December 13,” said Mills.

The plan will be to present to the city planning commission on December 5 and have the plan adopted by the council on December 11.

The work will be shown via email to the planning commission and the city council prior to their meetings to receive the needed feedback.

The draft deadline for e-mail was Monday November 12 with feedback requested before Friday November 16 to stay on schedule.

Mona City hosted a Review of Vision and Goals in October as part of the update of the city general plan. A second meeting, also held in October was also open to the public and was entitled: “Finalize Vision and Goals.”

The Mona City General Plan Update with the city’s executive committee was held two weeks prior.

Planning meetings were held with the council in the beginning in order to discover what was wanted in the plan.

“Urban Planning International LLC also sent out a survey to residents,” said Mills.

“The Mona City Council and Planning Commission are updating the Mona General Plan,” said Clay. “The General Plan will be used to guide the city for the next five to 10 years.”

A General Plan Update Committee, composed of the Mayor and members of the city council and planning commission, as well as various committee members, merchants, and citizens at large, was created in order to guide the process of updating the plan.

“In addition to information gathered at these public meetings, the anonymous survey was assembled to gather citizen input,” said Clay.

Students from Brigham Young University (BYU), working with Clay, to create the new general plan for Mona were: in addition to Dr. Clay, Kira Johnson, project manager, Emily Jorgensen, assistant project manager, Katilynn Harris, associate planner, Emily Meadows, assistant project manager, Quincy Haisley, presenter, Jacob Raymond, presenter, Liz Arnold, Bo Petrie, Jordan Johnson and Stevin Augustin.

A few city goals established are retention of open spaces and conservation of low density zoning; fostering the preservation and renovation of historical sites and promoting the history of Mona to residents and utilizing public open space and buildings.

One goal of the planners was to find out the demand for moderate income housing.

“We will not need a public hearing,” said Mills. “That process is completed.”