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January 12, 2022






SWEAR IN • Lisa Brough, Nephi City Record/Finance Director, swears in council members Skip Worwood, incumbent, and Jeramie Callaway, newly-elected. They were supported by friends and family at the ceremony.

By Myrna Trauntvein
TN Correspondent

Jeramie L. Callaway, newly elected, and Skip Worwood, incumbent, both took the oath of office administered by Lisa Brough, city recorder/finance director, to become members of the Nephi City Council for the next four years.

Four years is the term of office for each of the council members, but those terms are staggered so that not all of the council is newly elected in the same year.

I would like to echo a lot of what Justin Seely, mayor, said, said Callaway. The first person to reach out to me was Glade Nielson, former mayor.

That happened in spite of the fact that Nielson had just been defeated in his bid for a second term as mayor.

I would like to thank Glade for the way he has lead the city the last four years, he said.

He said that he and Seely had been friends in high school and he was looking forward to working with him for the next four years.

He said that, even though there were those who did not win the election and had been competing with him for a council seat, the election process had been friendly. The next day, all those who had been running were still friends.

J.D. Parady and L Nyle Robinson had not won but had worked hard to be elected.

I know that J.D. campaigned because everywhere I went, he had been there 10 minutes before, said Callaway.

He said he would like to thank his family and friends for their support and for being present at his swearing in ceremony. He said that his Bishop had even come to the ceremony to support him.

My wife, Tanielle, and I are the parents of four children (Emilie, Kaydie, Dylan and Trevyn), a son in law (Lane), and a grandson (Tatum). Our family has enjoyed the many opportunities that growing up here has afforded us, said Callaway.

His oldest daughter could not be present because she had a baby who was ill and his other daughter could not be present because she had a school activity.

As our community grows, I will always fight for and prioritize issues dealing with sustainable growth, adequate infrastructure, jobs and increased opportunities for our youth. My vision is for Nephi to continue to be a place where our children will want to live, work and raise their families, he said.

I want to thank my lovely wife Danise, said Worwood. She was my campaign manager. I owe you.

He and his wife have five children and 16 grandchildren.

He said he wanted to thank all those who voted for him and who were in attendance at the ceremony.

We live in a unique situation, said Worwood. Our situation is not like the national agenda. We are all still buddies after the election.

The election had been conducted in a fair and honest way and he was happy that there was no animosity as a result.

He said that the last four years just flew by. Knowing how fast the time seemed to pass, he was pledging to continue to do his best to serve the people of Nephi and appreciated the support of the community.

He was always available to ask questions or to talk to when a resident had an issue they wanted to discuss.

He is a lifelong resident of Nephi and graduate of Juab High School. After high school, he attended Utah State University and served an LDS Mission to the Netherlands.

Im a US Navy veteran and proud to have served my country on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, he said.

He said he had worked with the youth in the community for several years and recognized the need for both academic and recreational youth programs.

Ive served on the city council for the last four years and am committed to our community, its values, beauty and safety. I love Nephi and take pride in calling it home, said Worwood.