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June 22, 2022


  • Turf field is laid in The Hive; additional projects nearing completion

By Myrna Trauntvein
TN Correspondent

The Hive is nearing completion with the turf inside being completed and classrooms nearly ready for occupancy.

Janet Ware, school board member, recently visited the recreation facility that is still under construction.

“It is immense,” she said. “It is awe-inspiring.”

She said, just looking at the outside of the building did not give a true sense of how really big it was on the inside.

“The classrooms are large,” said Ware.

Craig Oswald, Nephi City Recreation Director, said that the turf was sewed together.

“They used a hand-held sewing machine,” said Oswald. “After the turf was laid, pounds of pellets went on top to soften up the turf. The only adhesive is around the edges.”

It is like the playing field at Rice–Eccles Stadium which is FieldTurf, a next-generation infilled synthetic turf.

“The beads have now been put in,” said Dr. Kodey Hughes, superintendent. “A machine puts in the beads.”

The decision was made to keep wood flooring all the way through the building.

The weight room has a rubberized floor.

“The bookshelves and carpentry are in,” said Hughes. “There are 82-inch television screens. When folks come in, they can use bluetooth.”

There were white boards and a top of the line sound system. Nets were being placed. He said that the gym floor was being laid, sanded and prepared for the finish.

“The track will be the last to be completed,” he said.

In addition to the classrooms in The Hive, said Dale Whitlock, board president, the room that was once occupied by the wrestling program in the high school, would now be used for a band room and classrooms.

“We have a hoist to lift the grand piano into the new band room,” said Royd Darrington, assistant superintendent.

Whitlock said that The Hive was freeing up space in the high school for classroom space so that, when school started in the fall, there would be seven classrooms added to the school.

“We have such an excellent relationship with the city,” said Ware. “I am very impressed.

“Some individuals in the community deserve a great deal of thanks for making this possible through their very generous monetary contributions,” said Whitlock.

He said The Hive would have a wall that would thank those contributors.

“We also couldn’t have done it without Steve Carter, retired building official in Nebo School District,” said Hughes.

“I have overseen the bidding, buyout, and construction for 37 new schools and/or buildings from the ground up along with overseeing 27 major additions and remodels on existing schools and buildings in my 32 years with Nebo School District,” said Carter.

The project is being financed through a partnership of private donors, Nephi City and Juab School District. Approximately $1.8 million had been provided for the district, said Hughes.

The Hive is an 80,500 square foot educational complex that will house three educational classrooms, a turf field and walking track, four basketball/volleyball courts, a wrestling room, weight room and office space.

Additionally, it will have netting to accommodate batting, pitching and golf practice. The Hive will be used for recreation, public education, and community events.

The site for The Hive is located on Wasp Way (700 North) immediately to the south of Juab Junior High School.