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September 21, 2022


  • Nephi City has a message for all city residents.

By Myrna Trauntvein
TN Correspondent

For the entire month of September, said Seth Atkinson, we have planned a city-wide fall clean up.

The city sent out a mailer to all residents with their utility bills, said Atkinson.

It asks the question: Do you have a junk vehicle, vehicle under repair, a not regularly used vehicle, travel trailer, utility trailer, commercial vehicle semitrailer or agricultural vehicle on the public streets?

If so, then the vehicle needs to be moved no later than September 31.

A city street refers to the public right-of-way owned by the city and includes everything in a residential area that is on the streets-side of the sidewalk. In other words, the parking area in front of a home, from the edge of the sidewalk out, is public property and belongs to the city.

It is not the intent of the city to prevent residents of the city from parking their regularly used passenger vehicles on the public street, reads the notice.

CODE: 6-1-3 Parking Regulations D. &. Time Limited Parking [referred to in the notice] reads:

a. It shall be an infraction, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code, for any person to park or leave standing on any public road, street, alley or municipal property any motor vehicle for 72 or more consecutive hours, and any vehicle so parked or left standing may be impounded or removed by the chief of police. For purposes of impoundment and removal, the chief of police may impound and remove any motor vehicle which reasonably appears to have remained unmoved for 72 consecutive hours. The cost of impoundment and removal shall be charged to the owner or any person who claims the impounded motor vehicle.

b. It is not the intent of this subsection to prevent the residents of the city from parking their regularly used passenger vehicles on the public streets, but it is the intent to prevent the placement or parking of junk vehicles, vehicles under repair, not regularly used vehicles, travel trailers, utility trailers, commercial vehicles, including semitrailers, or agricultural vehicles on the public streets. The chief of police is to take into account the intent of this subsection when enforcing it.

The Nephi City Code Enforcement Officer, Andrea Holm, has the duty to respond, primarily to code enforcement issues, which allows the Nephi Police Department Patrol Officers to direct their efforts toward the suppression of criminal activities.

The Code Enforcement Officer may issue citations for parking, nuisance, traffic, water and zoning violations, and they spend the majority of their time enforcing these city ordinances.