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January 25, 2023





  • County commissioners receive assignments for the year

By Myrna Trauntvein
TN Correspondent

Clinton Painter will serve as Juab County Commission chairman for the 2023 year.

“We alternate the commission chairman seat on a yearly basis,” said Painter.

That gives each commissioner a chance to serve as chairman during a term off office, which is four years. That would mean that one of the three would get to serve twice.

“All commissioners serve on the Six County AOG and the Juab Special Service Fire Board,” Painter said.

The 2023 commission assignments were reviewed and accepted by a motion made by Marvin Kenison, commissioner, and seconded by Marty Palmer, commissioner. All three voted in favor.

Kenison will represent the county commission with Law Enforcement and Corrections, Emergency Medical Services Department, Mosquito Abatement Department, Juab Weed Department, the East Juab Water Conservancy District and will sit on the board of the Juab Special Service District #2, the Juab Rural Development Agency (JRDA), and the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD).

“If they have an alternate to the CUWCD,” said Palmer, “I would like to do that.”

The governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoints each trustee from nominees submitted by the county legislative body.

“I took over from Byron Woodland [former county commissioner],” said Kenison.

Painter said that the commission had submitted three nominees and certified in writing to the governor that the commission had identified three nominees who were willing and qualified to serve as a trustee.

Palmer will take over the same duties that were held by Richard Hansen, former commissioner.

He will represent the county commission with Six County Mental Health, the planning and zoning commission, the building and grounds department, the county road department, the U.S. Forest Service, the Division of Wildlife Resources and will be the Juab Municipal Building Authority Chairman.

Painter will sit on the Six County Executive Board, the Six County EDD Board, Six County National Resource Committee, Six County Public Health Board, the Criminal Justice Advisory Council (Gunnison Prison), the CJC (Children’s Justice Center) board, and will represent the commission on the Utah Travel Council, the Department of Workforce Services, Juab Recreation District, Juab County Fair Board, the Library Board, Economic Development and will be over Juab County Fairgrounds.

He also has Natural Resources on his list of assignments.

“I don’t know what that is,” he said. “I will have to find out.”

Zack Buck, county assessor, has served on the UAC (Utah Association of Counties) board of directors for two years and is not interested in serving longer, said Painter.

“We appointed Zack to serve for one year and he served for two,” he said. “I served during Covid. It has to be an elected official.”

Palmer said that he would agree to add that to his list.

Painter said that UAC is developing a Criminal Justice Coordinating Council in keeping with Utah Code that states that, beginning January 1, 2023, a county must create a criminal justice coordinating council or jointly with another county or counties, to create a criminal justice coordinating council.

“The purpose of the council is to coordinate and improve components of the criminal justice system in the counties,” said Painter.

The council, according to code, must have a county commissioner, a county sheriff or designee, a chief of police, the county attorney or designee, a public defender, a district court judge, a justice court judge, a representative of the Division of Adult Probation and Parole in the Department of Corrections, a representative of the local mental health authority in the county, a crime victim, and a victim advocate.

“I think that we have the resources in Juab County that we could have a council,” said Painter. “But many rural counties do not.”

For that reason, UAC had stepped up and would be working with counties to form a multi-county council.

Barbara Finlinson, justice court judge, and Perry Davis, deputy county attorney, would be on the council.

The council is to develop and implement a strategic plan for the counties’ criminal justice system.

“The council is just forming,” said Painter.