FAQ's! Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How tight are your deadlines?

Answer: Deadlines are what they say, deadlines. Our deadline is Monday at 12 noon. for our Wednesday edition. If there is a holiday on Monday, deadlines advance to Friday prior. In some cases we can accommodate late stories, such as obits. No rule of thumb for this, we handle each case on a case-by-case basis.


2. What kind for photos are required for publication?

Answer: We can handle either black and white or color photographs as long as they are originals. We run in full color and prefer them. We may choose not to run black and white photos. If you want to submit your photo electronically, please save in JPEG or Tiff format and send as an attachment to the publisher at publisher@nephitimesnews.com


3. What is the cost for weddings, one year olds, new babies and obits?

Answer: Obits are $25.00 flat rate. We do charge a small fee for wedding, first birthday, new babies, graduation, anniversary, scout, missionary and Eagle photos . We will run these without photos at no cost as long as the people involved are residents of Juab County or relatives of residents of Juab County, they are free to you. However we will edit news items. If your items cannot be edited, cost is $15.00. Contact the publisher at 435 623-0525 for rates.


4. Do you charge to publicize my event?

Answer: We do charge if there is an admission charge for the your event. If it is free and in Juab County we will give you space as a news article on a one time basis for your event. If it is not in Juab County we charge even if the event is free! We cover what is going on in our area and are more than happy to provide you space for your event on a paid basis if it is happening elsewhere.


5. What is your "letters to the editor policy?"

The Times News welcomes opinions from its readers concerning any subject pertinent to Juab County. Letters should be to the point and must include the writer's name, address and telephone number. Letters may not be used to replace advertisements, Cards of Thanks, or to list sponsors or participants to a particular event, letters to the editor will not be accepted from any candidate that has filled for political office or from anyone supporting a filed candidate. Anything unsigned, of a libelous nature, or containing defamatory statements will not be considered for publication. All letters must be typed (using upper and lower case letters only, letters in all caps will not be considered) or legibly written, be less than one double spaced type written page in length. Letters are subject to editing. Mail to "Letter to the Editor", P.O. Box 77, Nephi, Utah, 84648. Deadline is Monday before 5 p.m.