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July 17, 2024

  • Levan Pioneer Days  Cheryl and Terry Stephenson chosen as Grand Marshals

 Cheryl and Terry Stephenson chosen as Grand Marshals

Terry and Cheryl Stephenson, a couple whose love and dedication to Levan Town is great, have been chosen as the Grand Marshals of the Levan Pioneer Day Celebration.

Terry, a lifelong resident of Levan, and Cheryl, who made this town her home 59 years ago after marrying Terry, embody the spirit of community and service. They raised six children in Levan, and are now proud grandparents to 22, and great-grandparents to 24 (with four more on the way!). Their legacy of love continues to grow rapidly.

The couple has a long list of service and involvement in the town of Levan. Terry had many years of involvement with the Lions Club, he served on the town planning and zoning committee, he has served in multiple church callings, two bishoprics, and is currently in the Elders Quorum Presidency. Cheryl has made a remarkable contribution to this community as well. For many years, she has brought joy and creativity through her award-winning roadshows and programs. If there was ever a gathering, she was asked to provide the entertainment. She loves music and serves as the ward Choir Director and music specialist. Together they served for several years in the branch presidency at The Victorian House in Levan. They also completed a 2-year service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and loved serving in that capacity.†

Over the past 10 years, every Tuesday, Terry and Cheryl share their friendship and talents by visiting and entertaining the residents of The Victorian House and Laurel Groves Assisted Living Centers. They sing and dance and share their genuine love with the elderly. It is the highlight of the residentsí week!†

Their home has always been a welcoming haven for anyone in need of a meal or a listening ear. The Stephenson household is a gathering place, filled with laughter, conversation, and an open-door policy that reflects their generous hearts. Sitting out in front of their home in the evenings is one of their favorite pastimes. They enjoy visiting, sharing stories and fostering connections with all who pass by.

Terry and Cheryl, your lives are a beautiful tapestry woven with love, service, and community spirit. Thank you for the countless ways you have enriched our lives and the legacy of kindness you continue to create. We are all better for knowing you, and your impact will resonate in Levan for generations to come.