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February 27, 2024


REGION CHAMPS • The JHS Speech and Debate team are region champs. Individual winners are Jacob Davis, Sebastian Padilla, Emmy Fechner, Henry Everett, Melaina Bork and Kenzee Slater.

By Kenzee Slater
JHS Speech and Debate Reporter

On Saturday, our Juab Speech and Debate team took first place at region, for the second year in a row. Every member of the team exceeded expectations. Our team can only be described as the next leaders of America with their intelligent and creative minds.

Our individuals placers who will move on to state are: Congress: Kenzee Slater 1st; Alvin Yuan, 4th; Hanna Rock, 7th; and Gabriel Peterson, 9th.Douglas: Samantha Reynolds, 2nd, and Sebastian Padilla, 5th. Policy: Enoch Dye and Nathan Bonzo, 2nd; Rory Allred and Melaina Bork, 3rd; Henry Everett and Zoey Stoker, 7th; and Jake Strange and Dylan Bramall, 9th. Public Forum: Kirsten Coray and Jacob Davis, 4th; and Leah Thorn and Kinnli Wilde, 10th. Interp: Henry Everett, 1st; Leah Thorn, 3rd; Rory Allred, 6th; and Macee Ercanbrack, 10th. Foreign Extemp: Melania Bork, 1st; Hanna Rock, 2nd; and Alvin Yuan, 5th. National Extemp: Jacob Davis, 1st; Kenzee Slater, 4th; Enoch Dye, 5th, and Samantha Reynolds, 8th. Impromptu: Sebastian Padilla, 1st; and Nathan Bonzo, 3rd. Informative: Emmy Fechner, 1st; Kirsten Coray, 3rd; and Myah Cobbley, 5th. Oratory: Jayme Cragun, 9th.

State will be March 15-16th at USU Eastern.