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February 14, 2024


  • Council discusses idea of selling ad space at The Hive

By Myrna Trauntvein
TN Correspondent

In work session, Nephi City Council members discussed the idea of selling ad space at the Hive.

“We could take one of the big vinyl signs and divide it into spaces,” said Seth Atkinson, city administrator. “We could sell an ad space for a year at a time.”

The ads could be used for a year for $600 or for a month for $50, said Atkinson.

“We could put them between the pillars,” said Atkinson. “We could offer a discount for those who paid up-front.”

Kasey Wright, city attorney, said that the discount could be $100 on the $600 rental fee.

Travis Worwood, council member, asked how that would affect the televisions that were mounted along the top of the walls.

Atkinson said he was thinking more about putting them out of the way of the television sets. Some could be put near the entrance and in other spaces since people walked around inside the Hive and would view the ads as they walked.

If the council liked the idea, said Atkinson, he could prepare a plan for review.

Council members thought the idea was a good one and directed Atkinson to do a bit more work on where the signs could be placed and the fees to be charged and bring it back to the council as an agenda item.